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Ascitic drain - stomach cramps

Wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I had my fourth drain yesterday, normally I just bounce back with a new lease of life but yesterday and today I have the most horrendous stomach cramps. I've tried all sorts - I was prescribed Oramorph but need to be careful taking this as it's extremely constipating and I can't afford another bowel obstruction. Any ideas, advice, comments would be welcome. Thanks

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Sorry, I can't offer any advice - but I do understand your reluctance to allow a blockage set in - ring your Liaison Nurse and ask if Movicol can be taken - It is my life saver. I know pain killers can make everything worse and slower, but also taking too much laxatives can create cramps in lower bowel. I know I sound like an expert - but constipation and blockages has always been my worse side effect and was hospitalised 2 weeks ago with that problem.

hope you get it sorted and will be thinking of you.



Sorry to hear your not well they gave me some laxative powders for constipation hope this help get well soon and orange juice


Movicol,totally agree on that with daisies,my life safer also.you can take up to 6 sachets at one time,I have to do that if I'm given morphine as all pain killers can cause constipation so your tummy gets sore and starts making noises.

The important thing to remember is 2 ltrs of fluid a day,then I mix up approx 2 sachet of Movicol in water and drink it backs,this can be done safely 2/3 times a day.if your very constipated then you can get over the counter enema.👍🏻🔨


Hiya - I was pleased to read this before I went in for a 2nd drain today (we were told we should try and get it done via A&E, and we waited 5 hours... only to end up being sent home as essentially it's the weekend; not enough folk; come back Monday. Crazy!). But... I've been having cramps in my abdomen for a while (I'm Figo Stage 3, post 6 chemos and an op). They possibly started after chemo 5 and aren't there all the time - can go away for several days - but come on as a spasm which is very acute, painful and lasts c 15 seconds.

I was offered Oramorph today buy elected to use Paracetamol if necessary - hopefully ensuring my bowel movements are unaffected. I see several replies have sworn by Movicol. I'm sure it can work beautifully but I can't swallow that much liquid easily and I loathe the sweet-orange flavour in the stuff I've tried. So alternatives could be:

1) Lactulose - a very sweet clear liquid (but acceptable somehow) - to keep stools soft;

2) Natural Senna tablets do the rest of the job for me, and then

3) Dioctyl - "for the prevention and treatment of constipation - and that seemed to work well. I found it among my chemo meds-kit (given by the hospital).

Hope this helps. Was pleased to read you were on drain 4 - that means I can do plenty more to catch up :-) Hope you feel bouncy soon.


So sorry to hear that. I have not experienced severe stomach pains after draining. I just feel relief. Definitelyrics talk to doc


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