Patient Day Cork Sat 31st May 2014

I just would like to thank Ova Care for making today's information day a wonderful success. Thank you so much for organising an event which means so much to Ovarian Cancer Patients. Not alone does it give us a chance to meet but to remember we have company on this this journey. The patient story just brought down the house, well done!! The other speakers were extremely interesting and informative. My thanks to all who gave up the Bank Holiday Weekend to participate. Finally, thank you for the refreshments on arrival and the lovely Lunch. Hope you all enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend.

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  • Absolutely agree. What an excellent day. From the heartbreakingly honest and uplifting patient story, to the thought provoking "talking about cancer", the benefits of mindfulness, and excellent information on nutrition in the cancer continuum.... I took a huge amount of information from the morning session. The afternoon session with oncologist Prof O'Reilly and researcher Dr Tangney were without question worth giving up my Bank Holiday Saturday for! Doesn't it lift your heart that these professionals are also willing to give of their precious family time to support us a group. Every Patient Day I have attended has given me so much in terms of information, support, , meeting new friends, I always come away from them thankful that we have Ovacare in our lives. Thank you ovacare and especially June for all you do.

  • Just a word to say a big thank you to June and all at Ovacare for another excellent Patient Day. I know that planning such an event takes hard work and commitment to ensure it runs smoothly. The professional speakers who willingly give up their time to talk to us and enlighten us were wonderful. At each Patient Day I have learned so much, Prof. O'Reilly's talk was rivetting and engrossing - so much so, I did not even take down any notes. The information he must have in his brain is mind boggling and his willingness to share it with us shows the kindness of medical professionals towards us. Thank You to all to Ovacare for your continued information days and this wonderful site. Hopefully more women will join us and share their worrries and joys with us. Meeting old friends and making new friends is an added bonus to the day.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with you. We do need to get the word out there perhaps by leaving leaflets in hospital Chemo Units re next coffee morning. Unfortunately we Ovarian Cancer patients do not get to meet or greet those with similar cancer at the oncology wards or if we do, its by pure chance. Perhaps I could suggest that Ova care leave some leaflets re the next coffee morning at the Hospitals Oncology wards or if they would post some to me, I would be willing to do drop offs.

  • Thank you June and the committee of Ovacare for a very informative and enjoyable day on Saturday. It was my 3rd Patient Day and I have learned so much from each one. I would encourage others who haven't yet been to come along and feel the support! Cathanne

  • I agree with you Cathanne, perhaps I might leave my leaflet about the coffee morning in the South Inf oncology unit tomorrow and perhaps email, Eileen the liason nurse so that she could inform her patients. I will also say it to the nurses but they are so busy as we well know. I think you left before me as I didnt see you after? I wont make it for the coffee morning as have to travel to Waterford that day unfortunately.

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