World Ovarian Cancer Day

Hi all

Hope ye have the teal ribbons out for tomorrow! I've gotten 6 local pharmacies on board - I've given them teal ribbons for staff to wear tomorrow and a dispenser with 60 SOCK fliers to personally hand and explain to a target population of women.

Last years cupcakes were a big hit so we are doing 1creche, 2 schools and 2 workplaces where 150 women can haves delicious cupcake on condition that they take and read the SOCK flier.

Hopefully 500 women will be more informed tomorrow!

Can't seem to post any pics of my cupcakes but if anyone else can - show us your teal Nail Polish! Got mine in the €2 shop! and got a lovely teal scarf in penny's last week too!

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Well I have got out some leaflets to be given out at Local ICA meeting next week. I have sent leaflets to Brenda Dennehy on 96fm asking them to do something for Ovarian Cancer day and giving them names of gynaes and oncologist to contact re interview. I havent heard anything back !!!! I am bringing cakes into work tomorrow with the leaflets and asking the staff to take a leaflet and read it. I will also leave some in the public area for people to see. I will also do a drop off to my gp in the afternoon after work. The Library is being renovated and have cut down their leaflets shelving but I would hope to drop some in to them and maybe the local gp clinic in Douglas.

I did contact Womans Way again and it seems they didnt get my previous email so they will be in contact with SOCK and perhaps do an article. I had hoped to get to Dublin for the seminar but its not feasible. I am just wondering if Ova care have any information on the Patient Conference in Nice in October. It is being organised by Engage which seems to be a group for gynae patient advocacy in Europe. it is on at the same time as the Oncology Conference.


That's great work Joan. Well done! I emailed the sock leaflet to the Douglas weekly, the cork independent and the cork examiner 2 weeks ago but no response. I'd say they'd want advertising money to put it in! Anyways - between us all we'll inform several hundred women and that's a great thing! I have 30 participants running in the cork City marathon for Ovacare and made sure that the sponsorship cards had signs and symptoms leaflets stapled on the back and told the runners thst awareness is as important as the money raised!!

Hadn't heard about Conference in Nice - unfortunatly was told this week that i'm having another recurrence and will be starting treatment in the next week or two. - so no more travelling for me for a while. would love to hear any feedback on it - keep us posted!


Douglas Weekly and Post tends to ignore emails as I know from experience with the Choir. I know the chemist in Mount Oval used do an article about Health so when I see the next issue will get his name and contact him. They dont come out too often now, and I agree they want money to advertise. I saw on paper about the rockies getting involved for Ovacare and a great lady motivating them !!!!! Well done. I just saw Nice mentioned on one of the pages so I went to google. Maybe Ovacare might send a rep, it would appear they can apply to the organiser for a grant towards expenses. Socks are totally voluntary too and they do their work at night or at weekends. I am really sorry to hear you are going back on treatment, its not what anyone wants to hear. You must be glad you took that break at Easter. I will make coffee morning if you are able to be there, It now seems they have enough staff at work to cover on that day without me after all!!! I will be finishing the following week anyhow. Will be thinking of you. Yes between us more people will have awareness and hopefully women will be encouraged to go to the gp and get referred on.


I'm really sorry to hear that you're starting back on treatment. That's so hard.

I'm going to my old workplace with the ribbons tomorrow. Thank you for reminding me about nail varnish, I must root it out for the morning. M


Missfitz so sorry to hear you are going back on treatment. All set for the seminar today in Dublin. Over 40 people registered. Ovacare are part of engage and it is from engage that Ovacare and sock got the grant to do the website.

We usually make sure someone attends this meeting.


Sorry that was all my fault, I saw the word NICE and it appealed to me. So went googling. I have brother living there and I suppose that is why I was interested. Was there last September, it is a nice place but pricey for a cuppa. Hope the seminar went well, I have kept sharing your posts and SOCK posts on fb. Arrived at my gps surgery to find they already had leaflets but they took some from me. I brought some cupcakes to work, admittedly not teal and staff were told to take a leaflet with a cake. It did start a conversation about Ovarian Cancer so now more people are aware of the symptoms with all our efforts today. Our work incorporates a shade of teal. Well done everyone


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