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new drugs trial in Holland proves good news for us patients


Just googling, too much time on my hands but always open to new articles like us all on Ovarian Cancer, Today the Mail on line has an article you can google. Ir would seem that new trials of cisplatin and etopside have done very well in comparison to trials with Avastin if I am reading this correctly, This regime seems extremely promising for us patients.

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Here is the link

I think this is the so-called Rotterdam regime...... but many of our members are more in the know than me!

Hope you all have a good dayx

Hi Mac27 thanks very much for sharing that link, am not great in copying and pasting department. This is a lot easier for members to follow, Hope all good with you


Just commenting on this study in Holland, this was back in 2002. I am not sure why the Daily Mail is only publishing it now but I think there is no date on the publication issue.

Yes when some one mentioned the Rotterdam regime, I went and googled that and discovered that this treatment is there a long time and in fact to me sounds a little harsh.. It would appear that the Daily Mail on line is out of date with its information I agree. My apologies but I did originally think" oh this is great". there is news on the horizon. But as a patient I know there are more drugs coming on market these days and I live in hope that there is something else available when I need it.

This keeps popping up and it always looks like it is new research but as has been pointed out this is at least 12 years old. We have discussed this with the daily Mail and there are appearances to this entry which show that it is old information but we agree it is confusing

Best Wishes


Hi Ruth, yes it is confusing and I have looked back on blogs on this treatment. I suppose alarm bells should have rung because cistplatin is being used in the unit where I am getting treatment anyway. We live and learn, thanks again,

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