Not liking watch and wait

Anyone on "watch and wait" with mets? Are there really drugs out there for us when sympoms worsen? I worry because I seem to have been on this regime for 6 years now being on a research trial with no bloods etc till recurrence in Jan with mets in liver, lung and pelvis! 2nd line caelyx stopped and the mention of single paxi or tamoxifen when symtoms come and radiotherapy for pelvic bone! Would feel better doing something!! Off on holiday Monday so hope to be chilled out!!

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  • I'm sorry I can't help you but wish you good luck and sending a virtual hug. Linda x

  • Thanks, nice to know. Carole x

  • yes sometimes my oncologist adopts that approach and then hits me with well, we are better off starting treatment when you are well so we will start in a few weeks again. There are other treatments out there, Gemzar, and Avastin which is widely available in Ireland, that was my last regime and it worked and I am still on Avastin every three weeks. I have had this since 2006 had a few recurrences which stick to the tummy area. Last scan showed lymph nodes up a little so its another scan in October to see where I am at. My ca 125 and last scan stable except for lymph nodes. Sometimes the ca 125 shows a false negative reading but is useful for using during treatment, well that is how it is in my case. If you feel you need a second opinion, you should go for it. I am lucky I have a good oncologist and we have learned to understand each other down through the years

  • My ca125 never showed abnormal in 2007 but was 3000 plus in June, down to 1000 in August but caelyx stopped now! Never mentioned Avastin or Gemzar, only carbo or paxel, or tamoxifen but only 10% success rate? Just taking it a day at a time, Majorca next week then will see what happens at next check up 9th October. He did say if I get backache I can have radiotherapy single dose straught away for pain? Take care, Carole x

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