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Full hysterectomy or removal of ovaries and tubes?



I have lost my mum, my dad and my sister to cancer ( non were related) my mum had just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she died, and I have been told I am at a higher risk of getting this ( probably after menopause).

For the last 18 months I have suffered with the most horrendous periods and so after lots of discussions I opted to have a full hysterectomy with ovaries removed at the same time. I went to hospital yesterday to sign consent forms and meet the surgeon ( not the consultant I have been seeing) She asked why I was going for full hysterectomy when I can just have my ovaries and tubes removed? She said it was a much smaller op and quicker recovery but now I have no idea what to do! I was thrown into turmoil over this so she said I can tell her on day of op what I want to do ( 10 days time) but now I have so many questions.......

Has anyone else had just the ovaries and tubes removed? Any information would be gratefully received

Sunrise66 xx

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Hello Sunrise,

Firstly, I love the name you have given yourself; one day I will change mine!

On your dilemma, I would ring Ovacome and ask for their specialist nurse helpline. I've not used it (because I've been lucky enough to have doctors who coud answer my questions) but I have heard it is very well worth the time and effort. Their website will have the details, I'm sure. I had to have a total abdominal hysterectomy for my diagnosed ovarian cancer but at the Ovacome Members Day earlier this year, Mr Andy Nordin, the gynae consultant who had chaired the UK Gynae cancer research committee for around 10 years advised that research suggests most ovarian cancers start in the fallopian tubes so in future anyone with a possibility of developing it, could opt just for laprascopic removal of fallopian tubes. As I am definitely not a medic, I'd talk it over with the Ovacome nurses to check their advice.

Good luck with whatever choice you make. The sunrise here for me has been lovely, so hope your day is good.


Hi sunrise. Firstly I just want to say I am so sorry about your family losses. I am surprised too you had originally been advised to have a full hysterectomy plus ovaries and tubes. As far as preventative surgery for ovarian cancer the current procedure here in the UK is laporoscopic removal of tubes and ovaries. It may be because of your other issues with bleeding they decided to so the full Op? You don't say how old you are? Have you had genetic screening and a blood test that identified a genetic link to ovarian cancer (BRCA1 or 2) or is it just your mum's history. I have ovarian cancer and me and my eldest daughter have the faulty gene and she is going to have preventative surgery when she has finished having her family. She lives in Italy and us having her first child in January and the current thinking there is as Lesley mentions and to have just fallopian tubes removed. I do think a chat with ovacome may help but ultimately it's your consultant who knows your history and you should really ask to see him/her again before your op to discuss reasons for opting for one or the other. Good luck. I hope everything goes well and you get answers and a decision you re happy with

Sorry about all the waffle!!

Love M.B. X


Thank you for your replies ladies x

I am 49 years old ( feel more like 94 most days!) and live in uk. I have never been offered genetic screening even though I have asked as with my family history I'm obviously worried about this horrible disease.

I will phone Ovacome and my hospital to speak with someone before operation and after lots of research last night I have wrote down a list of questions so I am prepared.

Lesley, thank you for the lovely comments on my name, you made me smile. I hope you have recovered from your surgery xx

Mummybear, sorry to hear you have oc and your daughter carries the faulty gene. On a positive note it's lovely to hear your daughter is having a baby in January and gives you something exciting to look forward to!

Would love to hear from anyone who has had just ovaries and Fallopian tubes removed as a preventative measure, just to read about their experience of this kind of operation ( I don't know of anyone having this done)

Love and good wishes to you all

Sunrise xx

I can understand how mixed up this makes you but I had fully hysterectomy so cannot advise you. I agree with the advice given, ring Ovacome Nurse tomorrow and also gynae liason nurse at your hospital for more information. You might get lucky and see the consultant again before your operation to discuss the matter further. I want to wish you well in your decision and for your operation.

Hi there ..

Hello Sunrise. It seems to me from your post that you have two reasons for having the op. I can only say what I would do.

I have had a hysterectomy in the past. I didn't want one but having one helped me a lot because of the pain and heavy bleeding I was experiencing. The first thing I'd ask the doctor is whether removing the uterus will help your symptoms. I suppose it depends on what's causing them.

As others have said, some types of Ovarian are thought to begin in the Fallopian tube so having the tubes removed would reduce your risk.

If I were told that things will settle once the ovaries are removed, I'd opt for the conservative laparoscopy for removal of the ovaries and tubes as it's much less invasive. It has the added advantage of reducing the chances of adhesions which can cause problems later in their own right.



Thank you all you lovely ladies. I have phone hospital and have another appointment to see consultant before I have op so will let you know what I decide.

Wishing you all well and want to thank you for taking time to give your advise

Big hugs

Sunrise xx

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