First chemo done and dusted

All went well with the carbo / taxol first infusion. Even cooked the dinner and went for a walk afterwards... But boy oh boy day 1 tired but day 2 ....I am flattened. Zero energy . looking forward to a better day tomorrow. Hubby is out in sympathy getting cat naps he would never have been allowed to in the past!..

I have no nausea or appetite forcing the 2 litres this typical?

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  • Hey Mary Rose! 

    Sounds about right! I had no nausea either which was great but keep going with the water it's to keep the digestive system going! How many days are you taking steroids for? I had to take them for 3 days afterwards and found that once they were gone I was zonked for a couple of days too!! 

    You're getting there!!! 


  • Thanks D. Steroids for three days post chemo. I guess it will take a few weeks to find my groove. Enjoyed all your posts..onwards and up wards

  • Hi Mary rose, well that's the first one over, I found that one the hardest as I was venturing into the unknown. The tiredness is something else but all I can say is rest when you can and make the most of your good days. Kittie

  • GLad your doing so well. Rest when you need. It can be tough but go with the flow - looks like you're doing a great job managing xxx best wishes Trish

  • All I can advise is to drink the 3 litres of water daily, I kept a note on my phone every time I finished a pint. Do rest during those first days after each chemo. On day five my joints and muscles pained so much I could hardly move, but usually by the second week you start to feel more normal before doing it all again. Find something you can do while sitting down, like knitting or adult colouring and that way you don't feel guilty for resting from daily running of the house. Wishing you all the best with your treatment😀

  • Hi mary rose

    I was exactly the same. Buzzing the first few days from the steroids and then bang 4th day joint and muscle pain for 2 days and then start to feel grand from there on. I would advise you to take everything that they give as I made the mistake of thinking that I felt okay and didn't take them. BIG MISTAKE,  I  had such bad nausea and vomiting I ended back in hospital for 3 days, my own fault at the time, but you are on the home stretch 1 down and all that. Keep your spirits up and keep busy when you can and before you know it it will be a distance memory. 

    All the best


  • Well MaryRose, one down and five to go.   I agree with what everyone else has said, you will get aches and pains and feel tired so rest up too.  Maybe have some crackers and toast and Bovril on your not so hungry days.  I found Carr Water biscuits or Ginger nuts usefull to have in the cupboard.  For constipation take what you are prescribed and a tip I got was to eat a kiwi half an hour  before food.  

  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement ..constipation has got the better of me so trying different cocktails..hope the earth will move soon...wasn't expecting that!

  • Hope youre still doing ok, we started Chemo at around the same time and despite change of sickness meds Ive still suffered with the second chemo. Hopefully my meds will be changed again 


  • Hi Clare

    Good to hear from you. Unfortunately I only had one dose of chemo and have been off for 5 weeks as my liver went "deranged".I was very ill after first dose and in hospital for a week. Feel great now back to normal... great energy and very reluctant to meet the Iiver specialist tomorrow. .my feeling is  better to leave well enough alone...hope you are doing well ..

  • So sorry to hear youve been through the mill, that must have been awful. Hope it goes well tomorrow with your meeting with specialist. Hope also that you are getting stronger x


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