Moving again

I'm struggling with the idea of moving again. It's going to be a gradual move, however, next weekend I am supposed to take all of my clothes and bedding to the new place 14 hours away and stay there for 3 weeks, then get the rest of my stuff. I don't like the relinquishing of the control over to my spouse, and not having my space to put my things; not having my things. I know I am the one who threw away my career, but all of the constant changing has me completely freaked out. I keep telling myself that I'll have better health care and access to what I need once I'm in the new place, but I feel cramped and out of place already. I just want to hide and take everything back.. we fought again today over it all, I can't seem to be nice to anyone lately.. I just want everything to stop being so difficult.

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  • Hi Alf_Bailey-

    Stop, take a deep breath, breathe out! You are trying to figure out everything at once, no wonder you are so overwhelmed! Everyone fears the unknown. You can be in control by careful planning one step at a time. First, decide what essentials you need: clothes, toiletries, shoes,books, photos . Things that would make your new place more of a home between homes. Then start organising everything methodically into boxes. Things like most of the kitchen equipment that Isn't or doesn't' t need to be used, ornaments,books,things that can be wrapped and boxed up ready for the next move. You can prepare together with your partner now so that when you go back you won't have so much to do. It would also be a good time to get rid of things that you have no use for by throwing away or donating, or recycling. You need to trust your partner to prepare everything else.

    Moving house is a stressful time and stress makes us panic. It makes us horrible people to be with. Don't imagine everything going wrong. Visualise things going right. Planning, write down a check list and do the jobs one at a time- redirect post, inform utilities, in form of change of addresses (banks, nhs, dss, child benefits,telecoms co.) See yourself doing this in your minds eye. Practise this everyday up til the moves. Don't over think things. Brain storm with your partner, bounce ideas of each other. Two heads are better than one! Even Google for tips and suggestions for moving house. Learn to relax. Look for a free mindfulness course on YouTube. Good luck with your move!

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