Best medicine for OCD ??

Hello all. I am a newbie here but not a newbie to OCD. 😠 I don't want to share my story because I don't want to give anyone new ideas to obsess over . Anyway it's boring. Let's just say the sales of Carex fairy, radox etc are doing well. I have been diagnosed around 10 years now but currently I am so worn out physically from Completing all the compulsions from the stupid obsessions that I have just spent today shattered which is causing my OCD to go into overdrive like a spoilt child in my head currently having a tantrum. ENOUGH !!!!! My poor husband deserves me. Not OCD me. I am a hamster a very sparkling clean hamster forever on the wheel. I am washing away my life. Please can anyone help.... what drugs actually work. I was given an anti depressant yrs ago but it affected my vision so I stopped. Self help books just act as a petrol can to my OCD fire. 😣I just want to wake up free and not tired anymore.

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  • I take citalopram for my ocd because it went from doing what you do to intrusive thoughts and it's even worse as I've wanted to end my life because of it. But I've stay strong.. citalopram does work. I hope you get better. You do need to go to cbt though

  • I know just how you feel. It is exhausting. I take Sertraline, 300 mg every day, a high dose, and it does help. I also take a low dose of Aripiprazole, an anti-psychotic, though I am not psychotic, but in low doses it helps the antidepressants to work better. Do not take Sulpiride if it is offered to you, as it makes you pile on the pounds. Different antidepressants have side effects that affect people differently, so do try another that might suit you and not have the same side effects. Drugs don't cure it all by themselves but they can help take the worst of the OCD off.

  • i have been on Clomipramine for years its the only one that worked for me at the beginning

  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply. It's good to have these different options . I too have the intrusive thoughts and felt like ending it all to to be free but I am not going to let this win. I'm going to kick some OCD butt this yr . Thanks

  • Hi, Sunny. I'm a bit late to reply - sorry! I am a fellow sparkling clean hamster (I love the image) and you have all my sympathy. If you look at the Cochrane Library online, where they post up the evidence from randomised controlled trials, the best treatments at the moment seems to be antidepressants that are Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, such as citalopram or fluoxetine, and\or cognitive behavioural therapy with exposure and response prevention. The SSRIs allegedly take about 12 weeks to work and may need to be at a higher than usual dose.

    (I'm on my eighth week and still on the hamster wheel, though I think I feel slightly less panicky - most of the time.)

    Good luck! Shares in disinfectants and soap may well plunge when we recover!

  • Hi there thanks for that I hope you can overcome this and will be thinking of you in ??? Beginning of august I hope it kicks in then for you

  • Citalopram 20mg daily has been a life saver literally for me.

  • i take sertraline 150mg per day i was on lexipro before also i have 4 out of 7 good days i still have my days also and reasurance is good off of someone who understands you and what your going through there is brighter days ahead keep strong if you need to talk message me :) xx

  • Oh wow - no meds???? Talk to your GP again and maybe try a different anti-depressant.

  • I have had OCD my whole life with no real relief, until recently. I found a supplement at the vitamin store called NAC and it has changed my life! It helps some people with OCD, so it's worth a try with no real side effects!

  • Sounds good. Are you from U.K?

  • No US!

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