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Hi all I'm new to the group live in the UK Liverpool I've recently been suffering with Ocd and intrusive thaughts, I've always suffered ocd to a degree I.e timekeeping cleanliness and numbers but only noticed the change where it's started to affect me daily since having my daughter who is now 8 months old just teaching out for ideas and reassurance really on coping as my anxiety has hit an all time high and I cannot concentrate and feel like crap daily and have 2 young babies to take care of 😏

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Sorry you are having a difficult time right now. The key is you must not ignore OCD and actually look to challenge it if you want to recover.

By this I don't mean challenge the thoughts, but challenge the OCD through treatment. The good news is that OCD can be treated, and controlled through to complete recovery. The treatment we recommend is a talking therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is available through the NHS. CBT is sometimes used in conjunction with medication, depending on your individual situation and personal choice about taking medication of course.

Your GP should be able to refer you to the local CBT service through the NHS.

Kind regards, Ashley

Mclark18 in reply to AshleyF

Thank you so much for your reply I started cbt sessions last week but my therapist says she doesn't specialise in ocd job St anxiety and wanted to do worry therapy with me but I feel it's he ice and the intrusive thaughts that aught to be seen to first hand x

AshleyFAdministrator in reply to Mclark18

That sounds strange, which NHS service is it? is it the Talk Liverpool service?

SafMic in reply to AshleyF

The way Liverpool IAPT service used to operate is that all patients went through step 2 low-intensity CBT before being stepped up for step 3 high intensity CBT.

I don't know if that's changed with the new service that was commissioned a few months ago. Personally I think it's a ridiculous system.

Yes talk Liverpool in fazakarly she said if I'm not happy with worry therapy then I would be referred to someone who deals with ocd but she wanted to try and get rid of my what it's first I could benefit from both and thaught that a therapist would be trained in all areas of anxiety.

Sorry, just saw these messages. X

Have you been to the doctors?

i am awaiting cbt therapy. My gp is writing to a psychiatrist too because i was borderline too overwhelmed to function. She said something to me, a simple quote that you think would be obvious. But she said to me 'just think to yourself, if you saw the iron was switched on for example, then you would switch it off when you're finished, wouldn't you!?"

i then started to apply this, like our reflex reaction to things 'should' usually kick in. Its still not an immediate reaction for me when I'm checking etc. But for the most part, i don't take anywhere near as long. I try to take more breaks and attempt to relax my mind or at least attempt to apply my mind to something else. I'm not very good at relaxing. My headaches have eased a lot. I am trying to walk away from things. For example, where i would normally sit my toothbrush etc, i just leave it in the toothbrush pot and only get it when i need it. Do you work? X


You are not alone in this and by publishing your post is a massive step as it took me the best part of 6 months to talk about my OCD I do my self suffer from intrusive thoughts and am currently attending cbt it does help but not ignoring the thoughts is uncomfortable at first but is a great start.

I found that the book break free from OCD provided me with some good ammo and assists in starting the steps to tackling this evil condition.

You are not alone and you can win

Thank u it's nice to know I'm not alone and I always openly and honestly talk about this ocd but if I'm honest it duznt help intact it makes me feel more anxious the more I talk about it I hope the Cbt helps once we get going properly she said if worry therapy don't work she can ever me to someone who specialises in ice failing that I may need counselling I've had a rough few years and have a feeling this is why it's all flared up x

SafMic in reply to Mclark18

Ask for the higher level CBT with a therapist that knows about OCD.

It's hard to ignor ocd. But it's ok we will try to get through

Hi Mclark18, I only live over the other side of the river Mersey from you and I am definitely obsessed with cleanliness, intrusive thoughts, my contamination fears interfere with my time keeping, plus my anxiety levels are often sky high. My concentration is pretty poor really, and I get restless a lot.

However I am so sorry that you are struggling to take care of your babies, I am not in your position "but if I was" I think I would be the same as the fears around contamination and compulsive cleanliness can interfere with being a mum and it can't be easy for you one bit

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