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OCD and loss of too much weight, very anxious and depressed

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Need some advice over my OCD, lost my husband 4.5 years ago, had late bereavement 2 years ago. I was given different antidepressants to which none worked , just made me worse and loose weight, I am under weight, have been medically examined, AD's can't stop you from feeling lonely. They even gave me Diazepam for the side effects, now I am trying to come off those. My OCD started 6 months ago and it has gone from bad to worse..... I check everything, I have bad thoughts about people or cats coming into my house, and contaminating my house, so I clean, if I think I have not locked the door, I was never like this, maybe I might have had a little OCD in me, but not stupid thoughts like this.... Can OCD be triggered by something that has happened to you..... As my illness has gone from bad to worse over the last 2 years... and Medication has certainly made me worse... they have had me on everything, and nothing worked I take Thyroxine and I think in my case Meds don't go with my thyroid....before meds I was just sad and missing my husband, I wish I had never taken anything....Have had CBT, but it didn't work for me, but the counsellor I had didn't see me all the time, sometimes He left me 3 weeks, it was hit and miss, he said all the right things when I did see him, but now I am not seeing anyone for CBT, I am seeing a counsellor...... Just don't know what to do anymore, very scared anxious and depressed, but I might add was not like this before Meds 2 years ago...... Hope someone can advise me... really desperate, not sleeping too well.... Hilary

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Hi. I don't have much advice but I can say you are not alone. I do feel it can be triggered by something happening to you. I also think stress and anxiety heightens the OCD. I think you need to get a therapist again. One that can be there more for you. I have scheduled to see a therapist soon. I can't speak on meds bc I am on them now but I have had some that either didn't work or ones I felt made me worse, also. I've had some tragedies this month that traumatized me and had me spiraling downwards fast! I just wish well and hope I get better also.

Thanks for your reply... First of all I am sorry for tragedies... I have always sometime had a bit of OCD in me, but it never got me down.... This now is rulling my life, i am so full of anxiety..This has been going on now for 6 months... do you know or have you heard that it can go as quick as it came.. i am so desperate, my Grown kids are so worried about me, as I live on my own.... Hilary

Hi Hilary. I have been dealing with this for quite some time on and off. In my experience, it can go as quickly as it came. I understand the desperation. I wish mine would leave right now. I know your family is worried as were mine. Try to seek professional help again. I hope you(we) get some relief soon.

Hi Nessy89, thanks for reassuring me... it certainly is not nice thing to go through... I do hope you also get through this as well as me, and we both get the help we need for us and our family's. ... Hilary 😀


I agree with Nessy

I think a therapist would really help. Maybe your previous therapist just wasnt the right one for you.

Yes, stress and trauma definitely make anxiety and OCD worse.

I don't know much about the medication side of things, but maybe a dr or therapist may be able to advise you there.

Best of luck, hope you feel better soon


Thanks Emsterb for your reply, I agree I do need to see another therapist, it was a male who I was seeing, and maybe a female would be better for me, don't get me wrong, when I did see him, which wasn't consistent, he said all the right things, what I should be doing, but I found it hard to tell my brain, I have never been like this, and the weight loss is getting me down, I do eat , but I don't feel like my good, I so want to put some weight in, my veins show in my arms now..... Hilary

Although antidepressants do help a lot of people, they don't work for everyone so I'm sorry that this has been the case for you. Losing someone you love is traumatic, and you can't just snap out of it. Loneliness is also traumatic, and although having people around you doesn't replace the loneliness you feel after losing your husband, it can help to lift your spirits. I know it is an old cliche, but if you have something that gets you out of the house and mixing with other people it can ease the isolation, although I know how mental illness can be very isolating, and it saps your ability to get out and do things.

It is certainly the case that OCD attacks you when you are feeling vulnerable, and your current problems may have triggered an underlying predisposition to it. It sounds like your CBT therapist simply wasn't up to the job. CBT can be pretty gruelling, and it is important that you have someone you can trust and work well with for it to be effective.

I don't know if maybe taking some kind of food supplement could help meanwhile. They can be got on prescription. It can be hard to make the effort to cook and eat properly if you are feeling low, but your thyroid could also being behind the weight loss. Try to get a referral to a dietician from your doctor or team.

Try to remember that you won't always feel like this, and that although the pain of losing someone doesn't go away, it becomes easier to bear. Do post again if you feel like it. There are plenty of us here to listen. I do hope you start to feel better.

Hi Sallyskins, many thanks for your reply....everything you said was spot on.. I let my daughter see your reply, and she thought the same... How are you doing? as you seem well together..I certainly need to face my fear, and get back to the person I used to be, as at the moment I really smile, and I used to have a hearty laugh.... anyway thanks again, and will keep in touch and let you know how I get on... Hilary

If only I were as 'together' as you think I sound! But I have my off days as well. I suppose it's just that I've been dealing with OCD for a while and have had some experiences like yours. Do let me know how you're doing at some point. And hope you smile again soon! Sally

Hello Hillary ! You really need to make a friend or two... It's not as hard as you may think. Just having somebody to talk with and maybe take a little walk with or have a cup of tea with..would be tremendously helpful for you .

Another thought...are you open to the suggestion of visiting the local doggie rescue shelter ? Take a look see...maybe the saddest soul is there just waiting for you ? Taking care of a fur baby would help you feel needed once again and give you reason to smile .

Think about it please...? God Bless...XXO Gram

R u better now?

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