tribunal day tomorrow, ekk,!!

hi all, sorry not been on in her, as had a bad ear infection , is getting better, well, day of my tribunal . 2morrow, been getting all , my paper work ready. think i done all i can , just worrying now wot , it going to be like , as not good at taking to people i not no, and my mouth drys up, and will not be able to get my words, out, ,, well will just have to do my best, will let you all no the out come,

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  • Jo, see my answer to a previous blog today on tribunal. Then you will see what i advised her.

    Hope it goes well. Sylvi.xx

  • yes i did see that thanks sylvi, just tell them the true, how my life as had to change so much, with having R.A, , X

  • Missmop Good luck I hope all goes well for you at this tribunal. I have to go through all this myself so I can see what an ordeal it could be. Just remember you are fighting for your rights. Because its not obvious you are ill people make all sorts of assumptions. Only people with RA understand your difficulties that this illness presents & trying to explain this isn't easy. x

  • hi just to say did not get it , have put a new blog on , saying waste time , good luck with yours ,dancing queen,x

  • Really hope you got on okay, must be a relief to have it over and done with?

  • yes but , they take you to forward all new , information , so sent lots of paper work on , and when i get to tribunal, get told that , the only thing they are sorting out is the form i put in , back in feb, is a joke, so going to put a new form in and start again,, so back to being stress out on this all over again, but i will no wot to put in the form this time i hope ,:) x

  • Is there any advice you could pass on to me please? I am dreading it but feel I have no choice I have to keep fighting. The stress does us no good at all does it ? If I loose my benefits that will make life difficult in so many ways I'm really worried .

  • well the doctor was on my side, i took , my daughter with me , hope they let her talk. but the judge, was having none of it, so all i can say is listen to wot say , and think before you say it, as she was very good at putting me down on my answer, back, as my words on the why it come out, got very confused, and she picked up on it, ,, so all i can say is think very carefully before you say it, and i wish you the very best of luck, ,, x

  • Thanks Missmopp it sounds awful. I'm not the most confident person but I know I will have to stand up for myself. So wish me luck I think I will need it. x

  • just try and think they are no better then you, wishing you all the best, Jo , PS, let me no how you go,xx

  • Thanks its hard not to be intimidated by them because you know they are not on your side. It seems such a heartless & nasty way of doing things. Jo I will let you know how I got on.. If I'm honest I'm dreading it.xx

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