First bike ride of the year

Thought I would share my good news. With the sun shining and the mouth ulcers gradually improving I thought I would dust my push bike off and join my partner in a short trip along the river.

We explored a new route along the river trent and enjoyed a gentle 12 mile round trip. Even managed an hour long walk round colwick with my dog the following day.

Yes I am aching a little today but I am so happy that we were able to get out in the sunshine.Role on summer :-)

Hope others managed to take advantage of the weekends sunshine..

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  • Don't overdo it. Your on a roll now and you want to enjoy your success and do it everyday. As i keep being told pace,pace and pac again. By the way ,well done to

  • Hi such a lovely positive blog to read :))) well done you and hope you enjoyed every minute love michelle xxx

  • I'm really happy for you, it sounds like you had a great day, It's nice to hear lovely positive messages like this. Take Care XX

  • Aww your day sounded wonderful, dont over do it though :)

  • After having our weekend away (last week) ruined by the mouth ulcers and throat/gum infection this weekend's bike ride and walk was made even more special. Whoever told me that I would learn to appreciate the good days rather than dwell on the bad was so right.

    I sure loved every minute of that bike ride and walk, with the sun on my face anda great big smile greeting other dog walkers as though I didn't have a care in the world. It was brilliant, but dont worry I did rest up today and touch wood will have another gd nights sleep and wake only a little achy :-)

    To think this time last year I was housebound having just been diagnosed - what a difference mtx makes. Hope this blog gives hope to others just starting out on this rocky road.

  • That's amazing :-) well done you. Hope for us all. Love Janet xxx

  • Brilliant news - well done! Tildax

  • wow a long ride!! x

  • Snap! isn't it wonderful when we can enjoy some beautiful sunshine and exercise at the same time. We (should) it would be good if we could; all get out and enjoy the life we have more. I agree MTX has changed me and what I can do from last year too. All the best to those who are looking forward to getting to this place, it can happen we are proof of that.

    I was so excited that I managed 5 miles on my bike Saturday and told my daughter-in-law only to be told she had just got back from a 10 mile trip on hers and all before 10am! Well she is younger than me and doesn't have RA. PS and a word of warning..I always wear my wrist splints now when cycling as it's a lot of pressure on the wrists when braking.

    To many more good days

    Love Carol

  • Very good advice re wrist splints ss this is where I am suffering a little , will go boots for advice on wrist support before I go out again.

  • I've been cycling to work for just over a year and found that is improved my mobility. I dont ache like when I go walking. It's not far to work, about 2 miles and I am lucky in that we have a cycle path most of the way and apart from a few dog walkers its pretty quiet at 6:30 in the morning. Glad the mornings are lighter now.

  • I used to cycle to work before the onset of ra. We do have the cycle to work scheme on again so might look into the electric bikes (its about 4 miles to work from my house plus 2 steep hills) as dont think I could use routine bike each day - certainly not yet anyway.

  • Wow 12 miles! Well done you. I had a beautiful old fashioned bike for my 50th birthday in Feb, but due to the awful weather have not had much chance to use it. With the sun out yesterday I went out for a short ride and it was lovely. Knees compaining a bit today though.

    Happy cycling!


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