Roller coasters and water rides!

Bit of a random question coming, and not sure if anyone will have the answer to my question but here goes. We've come up north for a few days and are planning on taking the kids to an adventure park tomorrow that has a small roller coaster and a few water rides. I have AS (early stages). Only diagnosed at the end of 2016, and my MRI showed no bony changes or fusion in my spine. So I'm wondering if I would be ok to go on them or if I should give them a body swerve? Not sure if anyone will know the answer to my question but thought I would ask the question just in case someone knew!

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  • Go for it!

  • I would say if you feel like it then go for it. Where are you staying.xxxx

  • We're staying up in a beautiful wee place called Findhorn up on the north east coast of Scotland. It's where I grew up. So nice to be here with the family and tell the kids stories about all the things I got up to when I was younger! Completely different from the city upbringing my kids now have.....

  • I'm from Elgin and know Findhorn very well. I would say that the theme park rides should not be a risk. I suggest you look at the health and safety information on the theme park website.

    I think overall it will do you good and take your mind off things.

  • Elgin? My house is called Elgin 😁

  • We are staying in Whitley bay other side of Newcastle.xxxx

  • Enjoy! x

  • if you feel well enough go for it enjoy making memories with your kids you never know when you will next feel up to it I was diagnosed when my youngest was a baby so by the time he was old enough to do stuff like this i weren't up to it. That's the thing with AS and RA no one can say you will be ok for the next 2/5/10 years it will progress as slow or or as fast as it wants to enjoy yourself hope you and your family have a great time 😊 xx

  • That must've been so tough for you. In a way I was lucky that my kids were a bit older when I was really unwell, so they were a bit more self sufficient in terms of getting themselves ready for school etc. I can't even imagine how hard it would've been to cope with a baby when feeling like that. x

  • I was advised not to do anything extreme, like boxing. But apart from that to live as I wanted. So if water rides are what you want then go for it!

  • I reckon that all the time you can, you should. I do so love roller-coasters. You know in your head that they've been designed and tested and maintained for safety - but your tummy is breeding butterflies. Up to you obviously but I would


  • Sorry to ask but did your rhumatology Dr do an mri scan to check your spine was ok when you were diagnosed.

  • The MRI of my spine was fine. Only showed inflammation of one of my SI joints, no fusion anywhere yet. In a way I feel quite lucky that I was caught very early on before any damage has been done. I will be eternally grateful for my amazing rheumatologist for that.

  • I am because my neck and the lumber region of my spine have been massively affected by my RA. But all my rheumatologist ever say is its mechanical back pain. I know there is nothing much they can do its degenerative but they don't seem to care. I had a hip replacement in 2002 they said then it was an urgent operation as the hip was damaging my spine. But no one RA wise have done anything since. I pay £40 a week to an osteopath without whom I could not move or walk. You have an enlightened RA team so glad for you. Good luck and enjoy the roller coaster.

  • Thanks for all your replies. My husband just thinks I'm being a bit pathetic at times when I say I can't do stuff, and maybe I am. But as I'm sure alot of people on here can relate to, I'm terrified of doing anything that's going to send me back THERE again, as not sure I could handle it.

    But as lynz1983 said, I also want to create memories with my kids. They don't stay wee for long!!

  • Take every day as it comes. Many times I have just watched the kids but on good days I have joined in (not the very big rides as I could not do those at the best of times - too scary). You can never tell where this disease will take you. Maybe watch the ride first and check it out rather than jumping straight on - its too late to change your mind then. Try not to plan two active days together to give yourself chance to rest or if you have a busy day make sure the evening is quiet. Farm

  • I'd say go for it.... though if the roller coaster is one of the older wooden ones it may be best to listen to it going round before going on. The more racket it makes the more the likelihood it will ride on metal rails & it will be a more hard ride, you'll feel every bump. Whatever, enjoy!

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