My first year

Hi-- just realised that it is 12 months since I was finally diagnosed with rheumatoid disease and can't believe the difference it has made to my life in general. Of course I would rather not have it-- but once I was on the " dreaded" medication , things changed for the better-- even though it took a few months to work. I can now kneel on the floor and play with my grandchildren, go for long walks, wear nice jewellery on my" not as swollen " hands, swim, wear small heels on my shoes to dance in------ the list goes on!!

It has not all been plain sailing--- I have had issues with medication ( mthx and hyrox) and still do now, as I struggle with nausea --- but I have been given my life back. Everyone who knows me says that I am back to being the person I was 5 years ago-- as it took so long to be diagnosed. I am writing this in the hope that those of you who are still struggling will be encouraged by my words.

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  • Yeah fantastic news..... So good to hear good news stories on here. I too am at last a "good news story" ......I still hate the fact I have this condition and that I have to take the meds to control it, but I too am so grateful to be able to do all the things you describe when I actually wondered if I would be safe even lifting my grandchild or if I'd ever be able to manage her on my own.....I now regularly look after her with no problem :-)

  • That's the kind of post it's great to read!

  • Thanks for sharing your journey so far with us Jacki, it's lovely to read positive experiences. Refreshing too because as is naturally the case with forums such as this we mostly hear of the struggles so this will be especially helpful to newly diagnosed members who we know are sometimes fearful it doesn't get better, we just don't always have a balance of experiences. x

  • That's lovely to read. Enjoy yourself. X

  • What a lovely positive post, thank you for sharing.

  • Thanks for replies --I couldn't make my mind up whether to post or not this morning-- I am always concious of the fact that not everyone is as lucky as me-- but hoped my post would reassure people who are newly diagnosed and scared. I did however forget to thank everyone who has ever replied anytime I needed reassurance in the past. So---- a massive THANKS--- this site is brilliant 😘xx

  • Jacki thanks for telling us. It's great when people post positive news so please continue to do so. I think many people just forget to come back here when things improve for them and that's a shame because good news is as important as bad news here! X

  • So pleased to hear your positive news, like yourself I am doing extremely well. I was first diagnosed a couple of years ago (could be longer, time flies so fast). My medication was changed to MTX about 18 months ago after I had a nasty flare on Sulfa. So far, I haven´t looked back, my dose has even been reduced to 7.5, which I understand is a very low dose.

    Hope I haven´t tempted fate now! :) Take care everyone.

  • Like others have said it is just wonderful to hear an uplifting story of a life regained. For someone to be able to say that they have almost all of their pre diagnosis life back is a real tonic and an aim for those who are still struggling with this retched disease. Like everyone else on here I so very, very pleased for you and wish you many more years of living life as it should be. XXX

  • hi Jacki08 I to have come to my 12 months and I am a different person, the pain has gone and I can get back to my life with the drugs that I am on. I have taken up jogging again am still at work, which I thought I would have to leave as before I could not even lift my arms for the pain and could hardly walk let along jog. This site is brilliant and I would have been lost if not for this lovely place. you have all been encouring and I feel we all can moan or let off steam on here. I just also wanted to share this.

    hope we all have had a good day today. xxx

  • Thanks for sharing your " first year" story too. Can I ask-- do you still take pills to prevent the nausea or has it stopped? ☺x

  • Hi Jacki08,

    Lovely to hear your positive news story and hopefully it will act as a reassurance to those who are currently struggling with their RA and those newly diagnosed.

    With best wishes

    Emma -NRAS

  • Thanks for the encouraging post!! I will hit my 1 year mark on November 4th. I think my drugs are finally kicking in, though I still have swelling...Please keep posting and enjoy your remission.

    take care


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