Does anyone know how a bike can be adapted?

Today, I feel like I got a little of my old life back!! I was so happy, grinning at everyone, my mouth was sore with smiling....

I took my bike out and went for a 5min ride round the block, oh my gosh it felt so good but my hands/wrists and elbows were sore, if handlebar was higher and maybe closer it may have helped, does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks :)

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Hi Wiliby. Firstly I'm so happy you feel like you have a little of your old life back, such a wonderful moment getting to ride your bike again.somedays you probably felt like you would never do it again.

Secondly I'm afraid I don't now how to adjust the handle bars to make them higher there is a way with most bikes. If you can't find someone to do it is there a local bike shop near you as you could ask them. If you explain about your RA some may do it or advice for free, I now you probably don't like to mention it as I would be the same but sometimes it pays to.

Good luck,happy biking, but most of all be careful!!!

Mandy xx


Good thinking, I'll ask at the bike shop, I keep having an image of the old 'chopper' bikes with the huge handle bars! :)

Thanks Mandy x


why not put a little side car on your cycle and get someone else to pedal it, doing all the things we all used to do can seem so far off but its the 10 mins of freedom that we each get now and then that keeps all going.

HERE`S TO THE NEXT TEN, and make it soon

take care your next ten might not be so far away



That is so true Philip! Don't you really appreciate when you get something back. You remember the times, when you thought something would never happen again, I rem thinking I can't walk what am I going to do, now when I manage a nice stroll, I am really happy!


Hi Philip and Gina, when I do get to 10 mins I'll get as far as our beach we live close to, I'm so excited, my 11 year old son mentioned how he misses us going on our bikes together so this will be great for him also, wow it's amazing the simple things we take for granted...


Hi Wiliby

Sorry no good on bikes, but hubs says Halfords if you have one near they will be able to help, you can by the new handlebars and they will fit them.

Enjoy any fresh air is good and I'm envious about the beach.

Best wishes




I've never purchased from this place but having just had a look there seem to be a few bikes available to buy that may be of interest:



Thanks Mel, will have a look and will also try halfords Tricia...

Have achy muscles today after that, pretty sure it's not joints but will leave it a couple of days to make sure, which reminds me, I've been meaning to ask about muscle wastage after the 8 week flare before treatment... will post it later

cheers :) xx


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