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Hi all

just wanted to let you all know i am starting to feel better in myself my steroid injection is starting to kick in since having it on Tuesday and the painkillers and i am able to get about a little. Feeling alot better in my spirits and enjoying talking to you all. My son and daughter in law came last night and together with my husband and i have decided to book a butlins 80s weekend in Oct in Skegness for my 50th birthday, birthday which is actually 3rd nov but that weekend caters for us all, lots of tribute bands featuring duran duran tribute band, Aswad, rick astley, sonia, keith harris and orvil adult version and madonna tribute. Decided not to go abroad due to my meds not being sorted yet and not yet fully settled with RA, maybe early next year instead if things improve. So we've took a safer alternative, something to aim for and look forward to.Ii have also stopped smoking my 3rd day on patches and doing well i'm going to save the money and treat myself each month instead. hope your all having a better day soft hugs lena :) xx

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  • Lena what an uplifting blog from you this cold and frosty day. Your doing great in stopping smoking and i applaud you in your effects. We haven't been abroad for a few years now due to all the meds and me not doing great,but there still some lovely places in england to visit and we have been down to devon and cornwall and this year we are going up the north coast a bit.

    Hope you can keep from stopping smoking,if you ever feel like your wavering you know i and others on here will help you to stop smoking. Love sylvia.xx

  • Thank you syliva, i am certainly determind in my stopping smoking i had been cutting down for the past few months so i think this has helped make it easier. Good to know theres help here if i need it. thankyou and if i can help in any way i'm happy to. Yes i agree there are some lovely places in england and still not visited them all but would like to.Hope you have a good time on your hols sylvi sorry you cant go abroad due to the RA but i think going abroad now can be very daunting at present with all what we have to consider and allow for, but i'm still happy to try next year health permitting . Hope your well sylvi soft hugs lena. xx

  • Lena,i awaiting to go onto anti-tnfs so in a bit of pain,but i am waiting for spring to pop out so i can enjoy some sunny days, Its very dull and cold here in the midlands.xxx

  • so sorry sylvi to here you are in pain hope you get your anti tnfs soon, yes i too awaiting sunnier days makes you feel better instead of dull miserable days. walsall is the same at mo, although we will be moving back to Birmingham October its too isolated up here . Everything is so far now for me to walk to now i have RA and finding it difficult walking the distance. So decided to come back to birmingham its closer to the hospital as well so no long treks lol :) I'm sure we will get some warmer weather to cheer us up soon hopefully .xxx

  • Your not that far away from me as i live between coventry and nuneaton.xx

  • that hol sounds great x

  • i'll let you know how it goes really looking forward to it . some more ffriends are booking now as well so will be a good get together :) xx

  • I'm glad you are feeling better, That sounds a great way to celebrate your 50th, I'm hoping to go to turkey for my 50th this year, i had such a rotten time last year i am hoping things will be a lot better, well mine is August 30th, And my GP did say she would have me back in work and up dancing on my 50th, So keeping my fingers crossed and staying positive, you are doing really well with the smoking, Being on here chatting really helps with the craving to, keeps your mind occupied. Take Care XX

  • Thanks shirl , i hope you enjoy your 50th and have a pain free celebration, i am feeling loads better today due to steroid injection pain is very slight now . Turkey sounds great !!! i'm not going abroad till next year now i made the decision i need to get this RA settled on meds first then hopefully go early next year. Not only do i have RA i have thyroid problems too and have recently had to have a cat scan to see if i have nodules on my parathyroids situated either side of my neck . I get the results 26th MArch and if there are, will have to have an op to remove them so i have to take that into consideration too, So this year is about getting myself sorted and next year hopefully will be able to do more things i want to. Well done on your not smoking for 8 weeks you done fab!! i agree being on here chatting helps you forget about wanting a cigarette lol :) Take care. xx lena

  • Hi Lena, that's great news you are feeling better and well done for stopping smoking. I hope you buy some nice treats with the money you save from buying those expensive cigarettes! Eighties hol sounds great - a hol is something to look forward to whether UK or abroad - and hope you are dancing too, as well as Shirl!

    Neonkitty x

  • awww thats so kind . i also hope i will be able to dance i used to love dancing altho not done alot lately always makes you feel good.Theere are 14 of us all going now so should be really good. Each day that passes i feel alot better but have noticed that i'm getting some mood swings like feeling happy and enthusiastic one minute, then feeling fed up and irritable the next is this to do with the steroid injection side efffects ? but hey my pain is easier each day and good to have some relief at last even if it is short lived.:) xx Lena

  • I must admit Lena I have only felt on a high after having steroid injections and never a low, but we are all different. Also, they can last different lengths of time for everybody. Always found my joint injections to last ages but never too long for the general ones in the derrière! Usually a good month for the general ones. Enjoy the relief it gives you and hope it tides you over and your meds soon working for you - got to get practising some eighties moves for the dance floor! ;-)

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie, haha 80's dance moves , its been a while, i agree will need to practise but at the mo my knee is really bad so it seems really impossible at the mo but hey i have a while yet it may improve. The steroid injection in my derriere has not worked well this time. But hey get my ant itnf injections delivered in a couple of weeks so hoping it works. thanks julie :)) xx

  • Hi Lena, plenty of time to get that knee right before dancing time! The derrière injections don't always last that long :-( but I hope your anti tnfs will do the trick. I think I will be two weeks behind you in starting due to my dental treatment and the likelihood of antibiotics after a root canal. The Rheumy nurse said last week she was registering me for Enbrel with the Healthcare company so it would be ten days to two weeks before that happens. That should be just right for me finishing my root canal and crown. Argh!

    Good luck with your injections and hope for some good news from you that you feel much better.

    Julie xx

  • hi julie, Hope your dental treatment goes well as well as your recovery, i hate the dentist terrifies me but i still go. I will keep you informed on how i get on. I am trying not to be to hopeful cos if it doesnt work i think i would be really disappointed. But i'm going to be positive for now . Lena :)) x

  • Thank you Lena. We must be positive to some degree but I know exactly what you mean. Afraid to hope for too much, but we have seen from messages here, how if one biologic didn't work for someone, then another one did. Let's hope we are lucky first time.

    Julie x

  • thanks julie soft hugs lena xx

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