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better day

hi guys

thanks for all your comments..

am having a much better day today, injection is kicking in and i can almost straighten my elbow yayyyyyy, very sore where injection went in and also quite bruised but hey im up and about today although taking it easy.

been doing a little around the house and that in its self makes me feel better, i do tend to get over excited when the pain eases n i can actually move,

just the little things i used to take for granted ie showering n washing my hair, putting my (flat boots on) as feet do not like anything else ..

its a feeling of being free ( does anyone understand that) its the only way i can describe it..

making a cuppa being able to hold the kettle ( im easily pleased lol) just the normal everyday things

hugs to you all and hoping one day we will all be able to do everything that we used to do xxxx

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pleased little things make the differecne dont they xx


certainly do xxx


Wonderful stuff isn't it! So glad it's helping , bet you r relieved but remember they work better if you rest it a bit I found xxxx


yeah consultant did say rest it, helped so much :) xxx


So glad you're feeling a bit better today Ali.

Totally understand, it's a special feeling isn't it? Agree with Allanah though, remember to rest up a bit. Little steps.

Love Janet xxxx


thanks Janet, am feeling alot better and am resting it now, may have over done it a little today, its unbelievable how different you can feel each day,

horrible horrible RA has alot to answer for !!

little steps indeed hugs xx


So pleased your feeling a lot better

Yes I agree with the others remember to rest too

Love Karen x


Its a wonderful feeling if you can get it. Its like taking a holiday from yourself.

Glad your feeling better, long may it reign. x


Great news, well done ..

Angie xx


Good to hear that you are feeling better Ali. Just don't do too much because you can move a bit, ok. You still need to rest to recover.

Rie x


I have recently upped my dose of leflunomide to 20 mgs instead of 10. It was a week ago and I've been feeling awful ever since. So tired and my head feels like I'm swimming thru mud. Plus joints if anything feel worse. Anyone else have a similar experience?


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