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feeling sorry for myself


I am feeling really down, I don't do illness very well anyway, I want to get on and live my life.

I was very ill Friday just gone, sick feeling sick, stomach was very swollen and uncomfortable, acid feeling,legs wobbly.

I had eaten Thursday chips tomatoes and hash browns, so Saturday took myself off all pain killers and stomach protector and drunk water and had just tuna salad, woke up next day not too bad, but sunday in a lot of pain, again had just tuna salad, woke up yesterday and felt really good, slight pain in background but nothing too bad, had a great day, today woke up pain worse a little but not too bad but feel sick and weak yuck.

scared to eat anything other than salads in case it stats pain bad, I have a grandchilds birthday party tomorrow and then another at weekend, so scared to start the tablets in case side effects are really bad.

so feel I can't live, can't eat to scared to eat other than salads and I feel I will never feel better again

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Oh veronica, I am sorry you feel so wretched. i can only suggest keeping hydrated and eating bland, stomach friendly foods. Do you think you have a bug or is it anxiety re diagnosis, decisions and prescriptions? Take care of yourself with compassion ++I hope you feel better for the party tomorrow. Hopefully all will settle down and you can start your meds more positive in believing they might help rather than how side effects might be. All the best.

Do be kind to yourself. Getting this diagnosis is a shock, and it takes time to come to terms with it and accept it. It's a bit like a grieving process, so don't beat yourself up about feeling low. We've probably all been there!

It could be your body responding to emotional turmoil, or a bug, or just one of those passing things. So please don't let it put you off moving forward. We have all found a way to live our lives, and for most people it's pretty normal. I've been diagnosed 8 years now, and on sulphasalazine for all that time, and am 95% normal.

Do be aware that what you read on the internet is not necessarily representative as people mainly post when they are having problems. Sulpha gave me a rather excitable stomach for the first few months, but that wore off. But the way to feel well again is to get this disease under control, and then you can forget about it apart from the few seconds each day you take your drugs.

No one enjoys feeling ill and to be honest their are so many horrid diseases that require horrendous medications and procedures so in my view RA is not so bad. It can be controlled and life returns to normal I can't think of anything I did pre diagnosis I don't still do. My best advice is don't read any PIL's, its hot so stay hydrated, and eat normally as its vital to stay strong. If I feel queasy I find drinking Lucazade helps and I like this high sugar drink so its an indulgant treat. lol x

Don’t beat yourself up we all have those days! When I have those flare days .. and last week I can attest to that, it was a Monday I was walking like my cats on all fours as could not walk due to the pain, my cats were giving me some odd glances, now that did make me laugh 😹. I ate clean for a day or so I.e salad, cucumber, celery avocados as well as some delicious summer fruits cherries yum..... Epsom salt baths and rested too..... was feeling so much better by day 3. So stay positive you shall feel better. Sending you nothing but positivity. Stay strong 😊 we got you!

Thank you so much everyone, I am feeling so much more positive with everything you have all said, you have all made me feel so much more hopful.

with the diet, I watched youtube videos and thought there was a magic button to switch to cure it with a diet, but it left me staving myself and puzzled in knowing what I could eat.

one day it seemed to work another day it didn't.

so I have eaten normally tonight and have my feet in Epsom salts and reading all your hopful threads, Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart. xx

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Hi Veronica, they are indeed all lovely, honest, understanding and heartfelt replies. Very supportive people on here. So whenever you need to express, cry, rant, have a laugh.. - anything! You know where to come :) We all understand.

Sending love and best wishes

Suzie x


Oh dear. Sorry to hear you feel so rotten. Perhaps the stomach issue is a bit of anxiety over your diagnosis. I have IBS alongside, so get food issues. Try a little boiled rice with stock, it might help. Usually sorts things out for me.

Things do get better.

Hi Veronica, apart from he very good advice and help you already received, please stay away from Youtube videos. Only get your from reliable sources, such as medical institutions or charities dedicated to RA. It will make your journey a lot easier and less scary. All the very best.

I am wishing for your well being Veronica

It has taken over a year for us to find some relief. In the meantime listen to what all these wonderful people have to say about being patient with yourself and self care. I love epsomsalt baths... nice music, lots of snuggling with my pets, staying hydrated and snuggling with my pets. You are on the right track with thinking about your diet, Staying away from inflammatory foods and finding the right meds has helped. No more alcohol, tomato’s, red meat and low sodium especially in this heat!

Take care sweet, we are all here for you.

Hi VeronicaF

I noticed you are eating Tomatoes my ruemy told me to stay away from Tomatoes/peppers and any food that are part of the Deadly night shade family as they can make you feel sick and swell up like a balloon and give the most uncomfortable pain I found this out when it was too late after eating my lovely spaghetti bolognese which is my favourite meal (contains loadsa Tomatoes😳 But yum but I’m not quite sure if it’s worth all the pain and swelling I hope you feel better soon

All the best

Shelly xx


I am jurist going to eat my normal healthy way. When I tried the diet book given to me by the diabetic nurse my RA flared up even though I am only pre diabetic. It is a no win just now.

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