What's an Early Arthritis Clinic?

I was looking at the hospital survey stuff on this site, and first question is about whether you attend an early arthritis clinic. Well I do. Haven't really thought about it but presumed that it was called that as I'm at the stage of being treated by non-surgical means and am in first years after diagnosis. But now curious about it. What does it really mean, are there other clinics? I'm now worried that one day I'll get kicked out of the early arthritis clinic & my great doc, and sent to the "we've done everything we can for you, so stop moaning clinic" . Any clues? Polly

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  • That did make me laugh Polly [the last bit]. I think the Early Arthritis Clinic is just the day/morning when they try to see newly referred folk quickly and within the 'target' time so that treatment gets started quickly. They're encouraging GP's to refer quickly at first signs of inflammatory arthritis:-}

    Cece x

    If there were other clinics then I imagine I would be in the 'Damn it's that woman with all the complications Again' clinic!!!!

  • That sort of makes sense, thanks, except that I can't really describe myself as freshly diagnosed as it's nearly 2 years now. But maybe if I don't remind them they won't notice that I keep coming back...

  • As far as I understand it each rheumy as an EA Clinic - so you would just stay with that rheumy after diagnosis:-}

    Cece x

  • Well we don't have anything like that up here Polly so whatever it is if you like it then I'd just go for it until you become an expert and they need to keep you as one such?! Tilda xx

  • All the consultants at the hospital Muscular Skeletal Unit I attend have new patients clinics, I've overheard the nursing team describe these as Early/Pre Diagnosis Clinic.

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