rheumatoid arthritis

Hi, wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for a year now and been on methotrexate and hydroxyl and steroids. I am still in bad pain all over every day and do not seem to be any better but getting worse. The rheumy clinic want to put me on biologics. I feel really scared to go down this road with injections and are worried of the side effects. Has anyone on here had biologics and how do you get on with them and how does it make you feel. Whilst reading the side effects, they look really scary. Doctors don't think the methotrexate is working properly on me. Having trouble trying to keep up with work and getting very depressed.

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  • I've been on Enbrel injection for over three years and took them with Methotrexate. The injections got me back to work after months off. I did not suffer any side effects and like you due to googling I was terrified turns out I did not need to be. Delia. X

  • Thank you so much for your reply, that makes me feel a bit better, hearing from people who are taking this and the reactions you have to it. I'm glad you have no problems with this and that it made you feel better. I just hope the same happens to me, I hate feeling sick and nauseous every day due to medication, and I cant tell you how worried I am at taking this medicine, but I know it has to be done, thanks again

  • I struggled on with methotrexate and hydroxyquinoline for about 2 years which sort of managed my condition but it did get worse. I had trouble walking , picking up knife and fork. Pain trying to move at all. Humira has been fantastic for me and within 4 weeks was almost pain free. I have been on Humeria for over 2 years now And back to leading a normal life. The biggest problem I had when I started Humeria was that I was hitting golf balls too far and had to relearn which club to use. Not a bad problem to have!

    You do have to "qualify" for biological and I had to go through 2 months of pain before it was prescribed but it was worth it. Hope you can get similar treatment.

  • Thanks Richard, that is very good to know, i'm glad it worked for you and improved your life, I hope it works for me too, glad to know I am not on my own, it feels like it sometimes, thanks for replying

  • I'm going to get onto humira Richardg. I could do with adding a few yards to my driving 😃

  • If you read the side effects on a pack of paracetamol you wouldn't touch them. But if you read the side effects of RA untreated it's just as bad!

    I've had loads of biologics and no side effects! Good luck in your decision x

  • I had my first lot of humeria last week, all of last year I was on different DMARDs, pain relief, steroids etc. none of these worked for me. I was in agony every day, I hated living like this.

    I received my loaded dose of humeria last weds and wow what a difference I feel already. When I woke up Thursday morning the usual struggle wasn't there. The unbearable pain had lessened. Before it would take a couple of hours before I could do anything but Thursday it was different and that's after my first injection. I haven't needed to take naproxen since last week so I know humeria is working well for me. Im just weaning myself off steroids too. Give it a try, I was scared about going on it but I didn't have much choice as I didn't have much quality of life before. I even took voluntary redundancy recently as I was struggling with working full time. It's worth a try you could be living a better, less painful life soon. :))

  • Is scary but as allanah says, read a paracetamol packet! That's scary :)

    Starting a biologic was the best thing I've done, I was in remission with it (until recently) for 3 years with a halt in disease progression. My only side effect was low white cell count but stopping mxt helped get that sorted. good luck!

  • I was diagnosed with RA in 2005 and was put on humira in 2007, so far I haven't had any side effects and it was the best thing that could have happened.

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