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Hello everyone,

I went for my introductory appointment with the Pain Clinic yesterday.

Apparently they had to do a bit of juggling because I'm under the rheumatology umbrella and they don't seem to work together which is a bit strange.

The physio I met was really lovely and wanted us to be able to explore all aspects of pain relief including help with weight loss which would be wonderful.

There's not much else to report at this early stage but she did give me a link to their website which I felt may be useful to some of you on here. It looks pretty good to me. Use the right hand menu (with orange title) to negotiate through it.

I'd be really interested to know whether anyone's rheumatology team runs something similar within the department or do you have to get referred elsewhere?


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Hello Judy

Up here in the wilds both health Authorities up here work with all pain matters

All the best



Thanks for your reply Bob. So do they co-ordinate or run separately?


No. I don't know that there is anything like your pain clinic here. Looked at the link. Particularly like the mindfulness bit. I've used mindfulness for depression in the past. Its really helped. I will really have to get back to it. Thanks for the reminder.


Hi Mary. It does seem like an easy course to negotiate doesn't it. Best wishes. Hope you're not in depression at the moment. x


I start at the pain clinic this month and also the obesity clinic as well. We can swap notes at a later


Hi Sylivi, I'd really like a buddy in the weight loss front. I just can't get on top of it and I feel that all the extra weight I'm carrying has got to be a main contributor to the pain levels. I'm just so ashamed of myself for not dealing with it earlier. Do your clinics work together or are they separate? xx


Pain clinic is at one hospital and the obesity clinic is at another hospital. I am writing everything down that goes into my mouth and also how i am feeling on

that as


Hello Creaking

They are run in conjunction with, with a referral to that department, The Pain Clinic then refers the patient down the the line to other departments.

The Pain course, has certain courses and they arrange courses in theat environment, Then referred back to Specialist

It is the Specialist who refers to the Clinic, sometimes a GP can refer also,but generally the Specialist. The also refer to Professional Patients, if that still runs etc It is near on fifteen years since second referral for me.


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