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Jack Frost nipping at my nose (and toes and fingers)

Jack Frost nipping at my nose (and toes and fingers)

Well, I feel really sorry for our friends in the North with the awful weather they have been having. Watched the news on TV the other evening and the Orkneys were covered in snow and I expect the rest of Scotland is as well.

Snow has fallen in the North of England mainly over the mountains and did come down as far as Lincolnshire but not into Norfolk.

Woke up Friday morning to find everything covered in white frost and again on Saturday morning. Had to scrape it off the cars. Let the dogs out who were not too impressed with the weather. I don't like snow at all when it comes but it will be interesting to see what Berry makes of it. Tilly loves it and charges through with her nose in it and ends up with a small pyramid of snow on top of her nose. Minnie cat hates it as much as I do and steps very daintily lifting each foot up and giving it a shake. She prefers to watch it coming down sitting on her fleece in the conservatory and running to tell me it is snowing mum!

Back into leggings under my jeans and jodhpurs. They are so warm. Two pairs of socks on and warm insoles in my boots. Also actually had to go into thermals the other day as so cold with the wind which was vicious. The sea has come over again on the East Coast but only flooded the coast road and made driving treacherous. No flood here and the river stayed within its banks.

Thumb joints very painful and both wrists have been very hot to the touch. The RA certainly doesn't like changes in the weather at all. Shoulder is still very painful and I have been using heat pads to help as well as wonderful Nurofen although that has not really touched it - the heat has helped more.

Just put the heating back on as it had gone off on the timer at 9 a.m. so the house was cooling down. Must remember at Lavendar Castle to block up the arrow slits - the wind does whistle through them! Himself is busy doing more pickled onions so I am keeping well out of the way as can't stand the smell and it makes my eyes run.

No gun dog training this last week as the weather if not frosty, has been chucking it down with rain and very wet across the fields. Both the trainer and I prefer better weather for training as it makes the dogs so skittish. I hope we can get some in before Xmas as everything will stop for 10 days although they are still shooting round here. Did hear that Berry's brother has been just as bad at picking up the dummy. I e mailed his breeder and she and her husband had a good laugh at Berry's antics and told me they had one like that as well. So it must be because he is still a pup.

Had the grandchildren on Friday afternoon - collected them from school. Olivia 10 minutes late coming out and it was freezing waiting on the school playground. Matthew ran around and kept warm but himself and me couldn't feel our feet at the end. Olivia complaining of a sore throat and her tongue hurt. Yet another bug going around. I went there for lunch yesterday and she wasn't at all well and didn't feel like eating her lunch so she came and sat on my lap for a cuddle and I managed to coax her into eating the softer parts of her sandwich. Son has also got the same thing as has Matthew but his seems to have gone onto his chest.

Just popped through to the kitchen for something and now my eyes are streaming from the onions. How Himself manages I don't know but I think one more teatowel is being ruined as well! Now my nose is running too. I'm staying out of the way in the dining room. Just checked the heating hasn't gone off as the castle does still feel cold - it does take ages to warm up again.

Going to get my heat pad and put that on my shoulder whilst I do the x-words in the paper. Must wash hair later (didn't get round to it on Friday) but need to loosen up the shoulder first as otherwise it is so painful having to lift my arm up to my head to wash and dry. LavendarLady x

Thumb joints very painful

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Just had my batch and a cup of harrods earl grey tea. When my son goes to london he always goes into harrods and brings me some tea.

Its very dull and misrable here today to go with how i'm feeling. Everybody at work,lucky things,wish i could go to work. Spent the morning painting my nails,red,gold,silver all with glitter on them to match. Looking good if i say so myself,just need some where to go to show them off.

I have been to sandringham once with my mother-in-law,we didn't go into the house only the shop and cafe. I seem to remember i brought some plants,i think it was some flavoured mint.

Your photo looks very inviting with the dog sitting there,i think its berry isn't it. Forgive if i can't remember which one, i blame the drugs for forgetting things.

Sylvi. xx


It hasnt long finished puring with rain here today and It was cold yesterday x


I spent the morning out watching my two sons playing rugby (have been making so many excuses over the last few weeks because of the cold, but thought I should go along today!). Well with thermals on, two pairs of socks, two pairs of gloves and even two hats (ok a hat with a scarf wrapped around it!) I was still freezing!

I think the circulation in hands and feet really go with RA, and they just go completely numb even under thermal gloves.....thank goodness I don't live in Scotland!!


HI LL loved your blog - its freezing here tonight already, my car is covered in frost.


Thanks for thinking about us in the north. Snows fallen here a couple of times but it's melted now here and we can get about easily. But further north I think it's more settled. Power cuts not far from us in Edinburgh. But I think the government was quite well prepared and prevented problems by closing schools and discouraging travel during our high winds.

Keep snug and pull up your drawbridge and close the shutters!!



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