gout in my two big toes!

its 13 months from i was diagnosed with RA, i started mxt last feb.putting aside all the other pain i went through, my two big toes have remained a mystery to me. i blamed it on chill blains because i had to stand for ages waiting on the bus in that bleak weather. this year its made a hasty return as of 3 weeks ago (same time i stopped mxt), ive not been exposed to bad weather.

i have to stress my symptoms: two big toes swollen and hot, agony to stand on, sore to touch, and heat doesnt now walking on wrong side of foot and thats causing me bother

so ive been talking about it to understanding people and theyve all asked me "are you sure its not gout?"

so i googled it tonight and it all makes sense that thats what it is, but now i dont know how to put this across to my gp, i get awful nervous and blabber lots and come away beating myself up?

PS off mxt so hopefully come summertime me and my partner can try for baby :)

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It could well be gout as I gather that autoimmune diseases are like buses and come along in groups, and it's just another type of inflammatory arthritis isn't it. But what an irritating thing to have if your RA has been more under control. My RA is bad in my feet and I hate having to hobble, and not being able to walk as much as I want. And then of course you throw your back out from walking with odd posture and so it goes on.

But it's unlikely to get better by itself....although NSAIDS should help a bit, and lots fluid. So I think you have to brave the GP. Write down the main 4 or 5 things you want to say and take the note with you. Or take your OH with you.

Good luck. Polly


Hi Sarah, Exactly as Polyys ays. You really must get to the GP instantly. Gout is easily treated, and is the one form of arthritis that does respond to what we eat. Foods high in purine, which converts to Uric Acid is a primary target to get rid of the pain and swelling. So there is a list of foods to avoid to prevent Gout. There are a couple meds that are used in the acute, inflammed stage.

So get thee to your GP! Good luck, this too shall pass! Loretxx


One simple blood test will show if you have gout or not ask your gp. to do one.Just say to him/her could this be gout and you should be offered a blood test,i did and was negative so was put down to RA ,he gave me a steroid injection in my toe and no probs.since. good luck :)))))) B 48 xx


Yes as everyone says go to your GP and be straightforward about your research leading you to gout. They are definitely related (RA and Gout). My dad had terrible gout all through his youth and my childhood - his feet used to swell so much they split a few times and he was often in agony with it. And then he was put on some trial medication and it worked like a dream and he never mentioned it again. Mind you he was diabetic (2) and had high blood pressure and a heart condition so it may have been that his new enforced diet helped a lot as well as the medication but whatever - it was sorted out,end of the misery and pain so go for it! TTx


Gout is easily treated so dont delay going to gp xx


thank you all for your helpful knowledge, got doc appt on tuesday, fed up with the burning pain :( xx


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