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Been up since 3.00am

Been up since 3.00am

Well lovely people i've been downstairs since 3.00am. Due to the pain in my joints. My knees were the reason i am up,my left knee is very sore not my right which is odd. It is usually my right knee. Oh great the weather is rough today,it has been raining in the night as i heard it downstairs. The weatherman is saying its going to be very cold and windy,and he has said it will be even colder tomorrow. The rest of the week is going to more of the same. Just what i need.

Today we are off to Ely to see the family today. All i want to do is curl up and keep warm. I'm sitting here in my recliner with my snuggle and laptop with the telly on. The news is soo miserable,no good news on there. I think hubby will have to heat the car up before i get in it.

I am trying to be upbeat, but i'm finding it differcult. My depression is not too bad in these painful days i'm having,so thats something to cheer about.

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Do you use a computer Syl ?


What do you think pete,i'm on my laptop now mate. WHY?


Eeeek..of course ... point is, personally I have been online since 95/6 and I frequent many lobbies, from gaming to research, So at anytime day or night I can have a "crack" with somebody somewhere globally ... fills in the hours when I am down ...


you weren't about at three this morning,if you were we could have had a laugh. Down being the operative word pete. Got to go pete,of to ely today to see family. xx



I'ts been windy here also, spent all day practically in bed in and salpadol induced coma, as I am coming down with an infection - see blog.

Did you see the tip of birkenstocks? Alot of foot doctors recommend them as they offer support to fallen arches, toe grips etc.

Hope you had a good day in Ely,

Keep warm

Joanne x


Hope you feel better soon. keep that chin up x


Thank you ladies, I'm back now and very exhausted. It was a nightmare journey down as the A14 was blocked due to accidents,so we had to come off and head for the A1,instead of taking an hour it took three. I ended up in the back so i could put my feet up. Had lunch with my sister-in-law and then we went to ely to see my brother and then over to papworth to see my cousin and then we came home and we called at the fish shop and had mini fish and chips. I've now had a bath and I am ready for bed.

Birkenstocks,do you have a website for them so i can have a butchers and seen what they have got.

Night ladies and any gents who read this. That means you pete.!!



Oh Sylvia! I am so discouraged for you! I know you have a busy day scheduled. I am still perplexed as to why you are waking so early with pain. What time do you settle into bed? Might it help to stay awake longer and then take your bedtime meds and see if you can sleep more than a few hours at a time?

I sometimes am bodily exhausted, but brainfully (is that a word?) awake, so I get in bed and watch a tv program I like, which makes sure I stay awake.

Hope your day is fun, just be sure to avoid getting cold. That wind is cruel!! XX Loret


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