Pain in the rain!

Another wet day in the Emerald Isle, another trudge to work, mouse wrist aching all day despite steroid injection on Tuesday. Worry worry worry! its eating my wrist. I am going to have my Granny's hands I remember them! Having Mri on naughty wrist on Saturday, wonder why consultant wants it?

I think Friday best day for methotrexate, you can have lie on on Saturday! I used to take it Wed & by Thurs afternoon thought I was going to fall asleep at desk. Oh yeah the drink (alcohol) thing I spent two years not touching a drop worrying about my lovely liver! Now I allow myself a couple of glasses of wine, and the Professor (top Rheum Spec in Emerald Isle) said if she was on meth she would have no problem having occasional tipple!!! My godsend so far has been Humira injection twice a month really feel great after that. Sadly, I think it has stopped working so well recently. Anyway, as I am the new girl, I have said enough for now. Is anyone else on Humira? What do you think?

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Hello from Yorkshire! I'm on Humira and I also think it's effectiveness is beginning to wear off. I noticed a vast improvement at first but now I don't really feel any different after taking it than I did before!

I think I expected it to be a miracle worker but although it may have steadied my bloods it hasn't really made me feel much better in myself, or 'like I was before'.


HI julie, exact same as me, I though I'd be jogging (and I never did before Ha ha). Seriously tho, felt I was priviliged to get it and lucky, my bloods are all within normal range now too, which makes the Professor very happy, but strangely, I am feeling achy again, nearly on the Humira a year now, I was taking steroids alongside humira for few months and now off them (a stone heavier!) It is really great to talk to people in same situation, its such a scary condition. How long since you were diagnosed?


I had Infliximab for a year and the results were fantastic. It really turned things round for me. But, after a year it started to lose its efficacy and similarly I started to feel more aches and pains. I was switched onto Enbrel 3 months later and all has been okay ever since. That was 7 years ago. I have continued on a maintenance dose of 3 mg Prednisolone throughout.


I just started methotextrate and Enbril. My good doc made me swear off the booze, and said no shooting heroin or sniffing gasoline either. (What fun is left, really?) I'd prefer to keep my liver, but is the general consensus that a quarterly glass of chardonnay won't kill me?


Hi Jen, For the 18 months on meth I touched not a drop, and was designated driver every time. Having said that I do have an occasional glass of wine now, not much but my consultant said if she was on it she would see no harm!!! . The other thing is your liver is tested every month, I am always panicking after holidays but so far my liver is pristine!!


Gina- I've been diagnosed about 2 years and on Humira about one year, and yes, my consultant seems to think I'm fine when i know I'm not!

He examines the joints that don't hurt and not the ones that do and when i told him my elbows were really painful he bent them and felt them and said he couldn't feel any swelling or heat so they were okay!

I am seriously beginning to wonder if I actually DO have RA or have I been misdiagnosed!


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