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constant pain

Hi I haven't been on for a while, the only way I am now is because I am wearing my wrist splints. I am in pain everyday all day at the moment, I have had a steroid injection, and have just started on Azathioprine, I have also asked my boss to reduce my working hours by 6 aweek, she said no, I have RA and OA in both wrists and hands, and had really bad side effects from methotrexate, I have a constant flare up which is wearing me down now, my next appointment with my consultant has been put forward for the 4th time to next february, does anyone have any ideas for easing the pain.

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I would suggest you make an appointment with your GP. He may be able to give you painkillers that work ( take them regularly, I'm terrible at that!) and ask if he could maybe speed up the appointment.

For me flares are splints, painkillers that actually stop pain so I go from paracetamol up to morphine dependent on pain level and use hot cold alternating with cold pack which seems to work for me.

Good luck xx

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thank you, I spoke to my consultants secretary and she said she can't push appointment forward, and I should have said I take MST regularly which doesn't help at all.


Sorry brain fog missed the mst but. So you can't see doc earlier so maybe try another pain killer . I tried everything and my GP said try Naproxen twice a day and it really helped, old fashioned one but helped more than morphine based.

Also you say you have OA too? I have that and find different things and this isn't meant to seem lower than mst but for my OA brufen gels or Voltarol gels actually do work particularly with cold compresses. Obviously you would need to ask the chemist if it's OK for you. This is what sorta helps me but may be no good for you.

Pain is so horrid , I tried lots of different things till I got sorted . Got GP to refer me to pain clinic who were helpful with acupuncture( on my knees) and tens machines. Don't know if they might help?

Hope you have a better day X



I would back what Allanah states and add, if you belong to a union, speak to them about supporting you in getting your work hours reduced as a 'reasonable adjustment' under the equality act.

All the best



I understand how you feel I agree with the above. Need to contact your Rhuematology dept if you continue to have symptoms affecting your day to day life.

I too have had my appointment changed twice. I'm supposed to be on the early inflammatory pathway for a year diagnosed in January which was going to plan until July when my telephone appointment was deferred to September now it's in October. We do have a telephone help line which may take a few attempts before I speak to a nurse or specialist.

I will complain if my next appointment is changed again as I continue to have symptoms on MXT injections and hydroxychloroquine. Felt very tired last week at work now working 22,5 hours. Reduced from full time at the beginning of July. I too have problems with work they don't understand and I work as a health care worker for the NHS. You would think they have more understanding but been told by a friend there is a lot of bullying in the NHS.

Hope you feel better soon



I work as a Health Care assistant on a dementia unit in a care home, so I know what you mean about they should be more understanding, but I suppose they have a buisness to run. I phone my rheumy nurse and it takes 5 to 10 days to get a reply, I have steroid injections to help with the pain, they dont last long but they do ease the pain abit, maybe you should try these x

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