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Just when I thought I was on the edge of the woods!

Small update. I have mentioned before I am doing well on Humira etc, and as you may or may not know heading to Stolkholm on Saturday with few pals. Well whats the worst thing could happen?, you've guessed it mini flare, probably brought on by the exitement of planning my party on 20th & said Stolholm trip. I am sitting here with biofreeze on foot, and bag of peas! (& anti inflamms) Nice big ball of inflammation appeared on arch of right foot, hence walking not possible. I am also trying to ignore niggling pain in right shouder and right wrist ache! Dear God! well I am going anyway, and it would have to be Ryan air and a marathon walk to plane, & don't suggest wheelchair because I am going with pals and I just can't! Its my own fault the Consultant secretary emailed me right after my MRI & said he wanted to see me asap, and I said leave it until September as I want to enjoy my birthday, before I get the bad mri results., re poxy surgery.

My dogs are fighting over bones so have to hobble over & separate them :)

xxxx Gina.

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Oh Gina, fingers crossed for you everything will be ok for your hol. Such a shame too when you were doing so well.

Never can be to careful with RA though just when you think your doing ok it as a habit of rearing it's ugly head at times when you just don't need it.

Try and take things easy if you can and rest, you've probably been overdoing it to especially as you've been feeling so well of late.Although they said your in remission I always question if it's just the treatment working so well after all the RA never goes away, not in my experience anyway

Thinking of you and take care

mandy xx


Time for a Kenalog injection surely? (global steroid) I get a preventative dose before flying or when a big event is looming and I'm starting to flare:-)

Sending you positive thoughts,

Cece x


I must google kenalog inj, its arch of foot so not letting anyone jab anything in there on spec? Is that a steroid? I'll go have a look, can GP do it?


Oh sorry Cece see now you said steroid, afraid I try to avoid these unless absolutely essential.


You can get it in the bum - but it makes appetite increase and I got really depressed a week after - might have been life of course but it said "depression" in side effects when i googled it after?


thinking of you.. om sure you will make it!!


Hi Gina, hope the dogs are not fighting over your bones! What a bummer - just when your trip is imminent. I think you are doing the right thing with cold packs etc. Try a combination of Nurofen and Paracetemol as well to control the inflammation and pain. Hope all goes well and you really enjoy your time away. I still would have gone for the wheelchair at the airport despite being with friends - sometimes they do need to see what RA does! Love LavendarLady x


Good luck on your travels



Thanks all, resting a lot and it is easing, will pack the usual 10 pairs of shoes for 3 days. Haha!


Oh dear Gina. I do hope it calms down a bit. Would a triple dep jab help or is that too generaly. Of course you want to enjoy your time away and your birthday before any possible surgery.

Keep rested and take care

Julie xxx


Hi Gina, the deep muscular injections, usually in the bottom are steroid but will benefit all your body as a whole rather than one particular joint injection of steroid. I have a depo-medrol injection which is Methylprednisolone.

Just a though as it may help you through.

mand xx


Hi Gina, really sorry to hear about your flare, rubbish timing. Hope you manage to enjoy Stockholm- amazing city- you must go to the restaurant in the fish Market (cant remember the name). Also most hotels have a sauna which I have found relaxing and nice for joints. I'm off to Dubai Sunday, not looking forward to the stiffness after 7 hr flight, not getting all of my drugs through customs, but can't wait to feel the heat on my joInts!!

Take the greatest care,

Charlotte xx


Not fair! really hope it passes soon :)

Have a lovely time Charlotte!


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