We're really brave ;-)

I have just injected my Enbrel and before i go and have my post injection nap i just wanted to say to all of us.... I think we are all really really really brave, be it whatever we take or inject medication wise or all the pain we have get and all of the side effects and other unwanted symptoms we have, we still pick ourselves up and keep going on having a life

together we stand courageous in the face of such adversity.

I think we are all great ;-)

Here is to us xx

Ella xx

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  • Nice one Ella xx

  • Hear hear!! Pat on the back for all!

  • Lovely blog.like the sentiments. well done, xx

  • well said, and after reading your "about me" thats brought a tear to my eye, you are really really brave, and I should get a grip!!! x x

  • I agree Ella, we are true warriors of this disease, and all so brave. well said.

    Cheers, Gina.

  • I second that xx

  • What's a post injection nap? I've always had mine before I go into work. I have my Enbrel 5.30 Friday morning. Who manages to have a sleep afterwards?

  • Well said hun x x

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