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dawn has broken. no its dark 550am!!

flare waning!?

dawn has broken. no its dark 550am!!
flare waning!?

miracle.. think my flare is waning.. not counting chickens yet... julie... one , two.. hundred!! my farming lady.. who is a wiitty blogger. might get the joke!. im not a wiitty or funny blogger ,boring really..

last night was the turning point got really exhausted , falling asleep on settee watching news.. bed then 1040 slept through to 550pm no drugs taken b4 bed a miracle!!, knees still very hot and i have woken tired but this seems more positive.

so ladies enquiring to length of flare bout 2 weeks 2 days.. to subside to managable levels...just as i have doc apt today.... he ho!!

joints still warm, and even after that sleep still fatigued... the reason we are tired with ra is this.. in my humble opinion.. wether we admit or not we all always in pain.. it becomes our background norm and we get used to it,, bit it wears us out and wears us down... im expecxting input and opinion... lyn... new ladies and gents with flares... julie....

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Hi Ali

I'm so pleased for you, but don't get too excited, I'm prettysure your Doc will keep you off for a few more weeks.

Let us know how you get on.


Tricia x


Hi Alison.. sooooo glad you are feeling betterer, but like Tricia says don't be too hasty.

You know, it's funny, because I as only just saying to Mr Shepherd this morning, about getting used to the "background" pain. I think exactly the same... LynW your comments please... because it's like you do get to a manageable state, and then overdo it and wham it's very painful, or very stiff, and you notice the difference.

Just like you are coming out I think I am going back in... for a flare that is (like the fireworks picture - brilliant!)

Look, it's nearly 11.30 and I have only just got myself up, showered, unstiffened, sprayed, annointed (I think) and having my breakfast. I feel absolutely Bleep Bleep Bleep...

Anyway as I was saying I was trying to explain to the other half how just because I am walking talking and look ok, doesn't mean I am OK! He nodded very seriously and then said "Can I give you a biffing now?" Without getting too personal, we play fight.... hmmm nuff of that mucky stuff...

So yes in a convaluted way I agree with you!

Take it easy and give yourself lots of time, like what I do - NOT!

Take care me duckiee x



took the fire fire works pic couple of years ago on my mobile phone at gloucester park x


Hi guys

In reality, we shouldn't be in 'background pain', except during a flare of course, when it never ruddy well goes away.

Alison, if your knees are still warm/hot it is evidence there is RA activity present so the flare wouldn't seem to be subsiding yet. Also your fatigue levels are still high hence, I think, you slept well. You were completely banjaxed from doing too much with active RA! We all collapse at some point ;)

We're back to pain control again and this is really essential in its long term management. Different pain killers work in different ways and it is crucial that the right formula is found to get the best effect. I have a high pain threshold, I think its down to my positivity and my wish to be in control, but still need to take the pain killers sometimes! When you consider that people in late stage cancer can be kept pain free with the right drugs then it is not unreasonable to assume the same pain free existence for us. I have had very long periods of no pain ... just not recently! Heyho ...

Manageable levels are not the aim ... remission is!

Lyn x


dr thinks inflammation has subsided bit and bloods are bit better,, going to aim to reurn to work april 10thx


thank you all


Hi Alison, glad your feeling better but be careful don't think your quite out of the flare yet! Nearly there though so keep positive.

Just to let you know that all went well at the hospital today with lump, had mamogram ultrasound and then check with consultant. Said it was just breast tissue,what a relief!! nothing to worry about.

Thanks for your support

take care

mand xx


So glad the flare's subsiding - just don't rush in and overdo it. PACE YOURSELF!!

As to background pain, nope, I can honestly say I've definitely had no pain at al for months at a time, thank goodness! But when you're coming out of a flare you might have niggling pain for a while afterwards.

And it's an almost inviolate rule with me that if I have an appointment with a specialist (not GP) then the flare mysteriously disappears and they go 'what are you doing here?' So if you really want a flare to go, just book a specialist appointment ...



yep polly.. as consultant appoints take so long.. any flare would have gone.. or you may have time to have started your 2nd flare


guess who overdid today well it was a test and I FAILED.. So all you wise ones .. you know who you are were right xx


even after some attempts at resting.. flare risen its uggly head at gone midnight with hot joints and sore eyes... nice chat on phone to out of hours gp

mind todays stress could have tirggered.. had to stop a diabetic friend.. having a hypo.. told him off coldnt have picked him off the floor.. so was fumblying round with maple syrup.. i couldnt squeese the bottle.. so he had to do it.. then feed him choc cereal bar.. told he should keep something on him...

then mobile phone packed up just as I HAVE an op tuesday... then mum rang up askling me to diagnose a mystery lump on dads arm over the phone... aaagh


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