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Clarification of my last blog

Good Morning All,

I have been deeply touched by the kind words from you all following my blog yesterday but I have to confess I seem to have made it a sob story rather than the uplifting blog it was supposed to be.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not adverse to a sob story, in fact I am Queen of that genre, but it was supposed to be a tool for the real message which is that bad times pass. I appear to have focused too much on those bad times.

I guess what I am saying is that last week I was in a terrible state emotionally, physically, financially etc. etc. It happened, it wasn't nice and I needed help at the time.

Today, however, I have got up, coloured my hair (10.30am and still not washed though), sorted out some pressing creditors, spoken to my children and feel ready to face the day with a more balanced approach.

We cannot protect ourselves from the bad times during which we question how we can find the strength to carry on. We find that strength though because we know from our experience that this bad time will pass. It will get better and we find the will within us and with the help of others to carry on.

By using this site though, we are each of us demonstrating that we can reach out to seek and offer help. It is lovely to read the positive posts because it gives us insight into the potential for change. The sadder and more desperate posts are a reminder to us that even in the blackest of times we find the strength and courage to reach out and look for a way forward - they are not a sign of weakness, they are a sign of strength.

So, for everyone who is going though a really bad time at the moment (including myself), just hold on - it will pass. xx

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Creaky, you are a strong woman and don't you forget it. We all love you on here and we will always be here for you. Love sylvi.xx


Aw Sylvi you are a real gem. It was interesting to read your reply to my other blog also. How are your aches and pains now? x


I'm still breathing... I am still suffering,but hey ho i'll live. xxx


I read your blog & would have written similar messages in reply. Having read today's I want to thank you. I am emotionally all over the place, what with health plus we have had 3 deaths close together of a family member& 2 friends. Your words meant a lot.

Love Alison x


Thanks Alison. What a sad time for you. I expect your head and your body are reeling from the shock of it. Thinking of you.

Judy xx


Same from me as well


Hi Judy, Well done, just love the contact with like minded people, I'm sure this site and our chats have made all the difference, in every way, everyday, I'm getting better and better! now who said that?

God Bless



Hi Caggy just replied to your other post, glad that you feel better this morning. A death does make us reminisce over times past so it is no wonder those old days occupied your thoughts particularly as things are a bit bad at the minute.


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