Miserable day at the hospital today!!!


Went and had my pulmonary function test today. That did not go so well as after 30-35 mins of blowing and holding my breath etc, I was tired, felt faint and refused to conintue, despite the technician calling his supervisor!

Went onto to do my bimnonthly bloods and the technician I had on this occasion was not as experienced and hurt me when she put the canula (the needle secion) into my arm, as she pushed it further when she was swapping over the vials. I was not pleased about that. But at least this week I did not cry or was not tearful.

I absolutley hate bloods and even though I have been going to the every two wk monitoring I am still no better in liking them.

My arm now is still swore from this afternoon and I have now taken the second set of pain relief.

I cannot wait for my next appt, where I hope my blood test will support me going onto once a month obs.

Hope all is well with everyone???/

Take care

Sci xx

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Hi Sci - what a horrible time you had. I had the pulmonary function test a few months back - i hated doing it as well and boy did i have the grumpiest, meanest rude technician ever - at the end i told her that an unpleasant experience was made twice as bad by her attitiude.

Hope you are feeling a bit better now and the arm has recovered a bit


Mads, You keep on giving me another reason to admire you, and your attitude.

It was great to tell the tech she needed to brighten up her patient contact!

I have also said something similar to a nurse in my doc's office. All the other girls and older ladies are so nice and cheerful and very friendly with me. Just this one is sour as a lemon. So one day I asked her if she was having a bad day, or problems at home, or did she just not like her job. All she was doing was taking my blood pressure and writing down why I was there. She said no to it all, and I said , "well you appear to be very unhappy" She rolled her eyes!!! She came so close to getting a slap.

So, one day I asked my favorite nurse there what was with that other one, she told me this: She know that my son, Doug, is a physician in town, and she thinks the other girls are nice to me because my son is Dr. Hoy and she's not going to do such a thing! H


ha! That is soooo far from truth. I am very proud of my son. The whole town loves him. He grew up here and went to school here, went to Ohio State University and spent 8 years in school, to become a Medical Doctor, Family Practice Specialist.

But I go about town, and most people do not mention if I am related to him, sometimes one will, but I surely have never acted or talked as if I expected special treatment.

Anyways, point is, if a tech or nurse or whatever is so badly behaving, it's perfectly OK to mention to her first.


Hoping you have got over that unpleasant experience xx


Hi Sci, well done for being so brave. Not a pleasant experience. Hopefully, next time you will get someone who is not quite so cack handed!

Hope the pulmonary function test was ok. I have not had one of those but don't like the sound of it! Love LavendarLady x


Morning sci,at least its over thats one thing for you rejoice about. Have you thought about getting hypnotised over your trouble with the blood tests. It might help and by the sounds of things you need help with it. I have had one of those breathing tests they are soo hard work,its hard work when you have to go to the hospital and you have two or three things to do while your there. I have to get bloods all the time and i try to get them done when i have other appts to save time. Could you ask the hospital if your doctors can do them if your docs are nearer to you,then if like me you know most of the staff at the docs that might be an option for you. As to the tech report them for their attitude,its not neccessary for them to be like that. Your life is hard enough without a miserable tech doing your tests.

Hope you feel brighter this morning.

Sylvi. xx


Hi Sylvi

Yes its over, for another two wks and I am mighty glad. It's the fear that builds up that's awful. I make them use the spray. I was asked do I think its worked by the technician. I have no idea it, just makes me feel better and I won't have the blood test without it!

I am better since I was diagnosed with ra, as I now go by myself, as the pain of ra is alot worse, so I am prepared to do alot more as needs dictate. Not out of choice, but I hate the pain!!!

I'm not a hostpital person - hate it in general like the lung function test had enough was not prepard to continue and will face consultant in december about it.

At least now I am happy as I have some respite, until the next bloods.

Knee is throbbing - I think its because of the weather this morning, I need codeine and bed now.

Take care

Joanne xx



Thanks all for the words of encouragement.




sorry to hear you had a bad time, I've never had a pulmonary test, but hate the blood tests. I do suffer with a sensation of tightness around my chest, doesn't feel like the lungs more around the heart area, does anyone else have this?? it's not all the time but it is a little scary. dont want to ask the doc in case she thinks Im worrying too much about little things.


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