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day down the hospital

Spent a good part of the day down the hospital. I am well fed up with place. First off had to see shrink(my name for her) she is lovely by the way. I ended up crying. Bit of a setback what with hubby being in hospital and myself falling out of my scooter. We spent an hour with her,upshot of it is it all seems to revolve round my knee and why it hasn't got better like others in the same situaton. I wonder if the knee has caused the fibro and the rest of my problems. Even the gp yesterday when he checked me over after my fall said it wasn't right. I am back at the docs next so i'll ask for a refferal to walsgrave,been told there a doctor there who has an interest in knees,so i've to ask to see him. Won't say who told me that to safeguard them. After seeing her i went and got blood taken,that was a regular test but with an extra to check my thyroid. Then down to psychio to get appt to see ot for my hands.

Didn't end there,had appt to see eye specialist about my eyes which were cauterised in august. The good news is my eyes are in good shape,bad news is the pain i feeling behind them could be due to stress and my illnessess from which is never ending.

Today hasn't been a good day one way or another, up half the night with pain which is always down my right side.

I'm sorry this is not a more cheerful blog,i know you will be sending me thoughts so i will thank you all now.


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My goodness Sylvi, what an afternoon. Still it is best to get it all over and done with at the same time.

I went for my bloods and B12 yesterday and this morning in the post, brought a letter from the same surgery to make an appt for my asthma check. You'd think they would have checked to see if I was already in instead of writing a letter and expecting me to make a further appt!

Glad the news was good about your eyes - they are so precious. I also had my thyroid checked yesterday as it was overdue. Yes, get that knee checked out by a specialist. There is a very good one at Oxford - my friend had her knee done there but I think he is private rather than NHS.

How were the hands when checked? Hope they are ok. Sounds as if you are having a flare at present. Hope you sleep better tonight. Worrying about your hubby won't have helped either.

Best wishes. Love LavendarLady x


Yes lavenderlady,i'm having a flare at the moment. Re; hands, just handed in form to psychio have to wait for them to ring to make appt. Its appts all the time,i have a driving licence and am not allowed to use it,even while hubby was in hospital wasn't allowed to drive it. Yet no one will tell whats wrong with it. Hubby is going to insist next week that i get reffered to walsgrave. Had the blood done as well,will ring reumy nurse next week to see what she has to say. She is really lovely as well.

Thank you for wishing me a good sleep tonight,i know everything seems to conspire against us at the moment. Theres more but its not related to my health,but it isn't helping. We'll just have to count it as a loss at least we got rid of it,it was a form of timeshare, Worst thing we ever did,but never mind i've got hubby an children and a warm home what more can i ask for.

Take care, love sylvia.xx


you certainly had a busy day.. xx


tell me about it,I had to put £3.00 into the meter for three hours and we had 30mins left on the clock when we got out. I hate to say it but i was very down when we came home. There are times when i wished i had never knee replacement all the trouble it has caused since i had it done. Never mind tomorrow is another ay.




I think you are haveing a flare as you have had a stressful wk. I don't think the weather helpt either.

I woke up this morning so stiff and have had to spent all day virtually in bed due to the dampness of the day.

I am so proud of you as despite all your challenges this wk, you've just got on with it, so well done.

Hope the flare doesn't last long! How is hubby doing?

Take care of you both



Hi Sylvia

I agree with Sci - after the week youv'e had i'd be surprised if you didn't have a flare up.Who are you seeing at Walsgrave?My dad had a brilliant knee doc there but i can't remember his name!All i remember is that he performed a TKR on him and it's worked beautifully

Take care

Julie xx


Dear sci, julie, thank you for asking about my hubby as well as myself. The specialist is a mr spalding,i don't know anything about him,i've heard that he is very good.

I don't have a choice but to get on with it,i don't know anything else but pain and suffering and i know you both in the same boat as myself. Winter is not very kind to us suffering with these diseases.

Sci i hope that when you get up this morning you are a lot brighter. I can't say better because we'll never get better from these diseases.

Hubby is getting better,but he is still having pains and he finds it difficult to cope with.. He has to watch everything he eats and he now has to eliminate some foods which affect him until he can try to eat them again. He's a man and can't understand why he can't go on and do what he did before. As we all know we're not invincible and it is a hard lesson to learn for him.



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