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Hi, no long blog.. quick note..

Im off for a cytoscopy in 30 min minor op ( hospital about 23 miles from were I LIve .. local ones well as some of you know long waits etc...

..( re med issues/ re also possible family link?? urologist says v rare to be family link prob meds.)

I am. still at home with steroids , pain killers and my temporary new friend a blood pressure meter

.Drs this pm 4.10 after returning from procedure to return meter. dicuss bp, work!! and may be go out of area if needed if no progress on suitable meds.

I had a disapointing letter.?? have had one das score? second feb 27TH with nurse. poss ant tnf. poss not? if not I AM OUT OF OPTIONS ONLY Penicillamine left.

Vague plan to return to work on reduced hours either Feb15th or following week?. Boss rang me at 6pm yesterday with an idea??!!! use my annual leave to makerup hours not worked??am I MISSING SOMETHING??

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  • Good luck summer and I hope it all goes smoothly for you.let us all know how you get on later lots of love xxx

  • Do you have a union where you work? I don't think they can ask you to make up sick leave with annual leave. They sound hopeless and unfeeling. Hope all tests etc go well

  • Ditto to Cathie's sentiments. Good luck with cystoscope. Tilda x

  • Hope it all goes well for you today summer,will be thinking about you.love sylvia.xxx

  • Ditto to Cathie's sentiments and question. Good luck with cystoscope. Tilda x

  • Good luck Alison for today.

    I would seek advice from ACAS. They can ask you to take holidays for a phased return at the managers discretion.


  • Great minds think alike Carole, that was exactly the people that I have had in mind all day but could not think of the name. They are a mindful of information and great advice and site.

  • Good luck Alison, thinking of you x

  • Good luck Alison I had a similar suggestion from my manager at a sick meeting when she agreed phased return after a period of 6 months sickness. Fortunately HR manager was also at the meeting and intervened saying that she could not do that as I was entitled to be paid for the hours not worked and I should not be expected to use AL for those hours. I also worked in the NHS. Hope this is helpful.

    cris xx

  • very helpful thank you x

  • Also don't forget that any annual leave that is not taken by the year end when you are off sick should automatically be taken over to the following year. This is all laid down in the rule book, so don't back down. We are all here routing for you.

  • Thank you x

  • I Have to agree.... that's not on, you are of sick!!!! not on Holiday, If only!!, Love Shirley XX

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