Absolutely gobsmacked!!!

Well I have attempted to get the hospital to return my calls re my liver biopsy results from 2 weeks ago and no response. I now will have to wait until Monday or longer to find out soooo very angry. Then I get home and the rheumys PA has rung during the day while I was at work and asked me to call. I have asked them to only ever call on my mobile as no one is home and I don't get messages until after business hours.So now i have to wait until Monday to call them back too and I am worried that they are going to cancel my appointment, I am now officially in meltdown!

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  • Hi not good.. can you not ring the Rheums pa today??. she may be ringing re liver results?? even if you are at work you surely get a break when you can call?.. also why do you have to wait til monday? seems odd its friday today.. does your hospital close on a friday??!!!!

  • so sorry didnt realise you are in oz land.. of course there is a time difference.. I wrongly assumed as this is an English site you were from Uk? x.. Hope your results are ok x

  • hahah as you would! Nothing in Oz like this and much more info on here. It will be a very long weekend I think

  • Thanks Summer I live in Oz and it is Friday at 6pm right now. After hours now and I will have to wait until Monday as the rheumy called on my home phone so I didn't get the call until I got home, I am just so frustrated by this it has been 12 months of absolute rubbish from the hospital and I am just so over it.

  • Thanks Scouser, after never returning my calls or returning them 2 months later I don't have a lot of faith that the call from the rheumy was good news. :) I have waited 6 months for this appointment to find out what I have and also to get the results of all the other tests I have had in the intervening time and also to see what they can put me on so I can maybe feel better and have a bit of normal life again.

  • Is there a very slight possibility that your rheumy's PA was calling about your liver biopsy results? I know they are different departments but you never know. Meltdown is not a good state to be in for hard working people with the weekend ahead of them (like you don't know that!). But try to think of a positive spin to put on this apparent c**k up because, fingers crossed, it might NOT mean more delays and confusion.

    I'm so hoping that things go smoothly from here on. Can you treat yourself in some way this weekend? Luce x

  • Thank Luce, No they tend not to talk to each other and work in silos it is such an effective and collaborative way to work I find. It is me, I AM Murphys Law I am sure it will be yet another stuff up and delay. Now you know why I sometimes just feel like walking away and giving up I am almost there again after the last few days I am so sick of fighting every step of the way. I am hoping to be in a better mood by Sunday I am going out for lunch, mind you I am still suffering the aftereffects of the biopsy and lung collapse so don't feel all that wonderful on top of the usual stuff.

  • Don't give up, this will change ..... you've been very unlucky but you are not jinxed. Hope you do feel well enough to enjoy that Sunday lunch. x

  • No I think I am jinxed! haha :) yes me too I have been struggling the last few weeks and have pretty much been resting all weekend and it has been so cold it doesn't help with pain. Oh well there is nothing I can do until Monday but it won't stop my brain working overtime in the middle of the night grrrrr

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