Had my occupational health/HR interview - you couldn't make it up

So had the case conference with the occupational health nurse, HR rep and my line manager. Occ health and HR both supportive. Condition uncontrolled at moment, long term prospects difficult to determine hence reviews to continue. Serious condition, once pain controlled will be better. To continue on build up of phased hours return. To work from home with any additional access to work equipment in short term to allow for constant pain relief administration to help break pain cycle as per consultant's instructions.

My line manager - first of all lies about the workload saying he gave me saying it was light duties before when it certainly wasn't then says he needs a definite answer about whether I will deteriorate more or not. Occ health says even consultant doesn't know that. He gets annoyed at this.

Lies about why I can't get given regular work in team.

We then have 1:2:1 supervision alone where he tells me he expects me to do all of my phased return hours sat in the office starting from next week. He insists I be in for 8 hours on Tuesday which will use up 90% of my hours then gives me a deadline of next Friday for two new pieces of work.

Tells me I'm letting the team down who are having to cover my work and their huge work loads are down to me not pulling my weight.

He is accepting every piece of work the director throws at the team because he wants to look good. We've had a resignation this week and my team are telling me they can't cope but that he is a useless manager.

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  • Please report this information to HR. He's bullying you. They agreed a strategy which he is not following. Do not do it YOUR health will suffer..... it's not worth it. Please call HR tomorrow and show them the above xxx mwah x

  • Hi Helzbells

    What an absolute bully! That behaviour is totally unacceptable. Are you in the union? Can you possibly instigate some sort of grievance procedure?

    It’s a difficult position for you, I know but he should certainly not be allowed to get away with treating you this way. Verging on constructive dismissal!

    Sorry, I’ve possibly been no help at all but my blood boils on your behalf !


  • .

    Hmm . . . 🤔 sounds like a Dilbert PHB (pointy-haired boss) 🤡 ( en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poi... ) with enormous potential to 'fail upwards'. 😯 🤦‍♀️ 😔 🤦‍♂️

    My heart 💓 goes out to you, Helzbells. 🙏 😔

    Maybe you (& your team) can have a quiet chuckle to momentarily release some frustration: dilbert.com/search_results?...


    Or . . .


    Perhaps time to deploy sylvi's multi-purpose 'garden' 🌱 🌷 shovel? 🤔 3.bp.blogspot.com/-06zVgAb_... 😳 upload.wikimedia.org/wikipe... 😯


    🤔 😬


  • If I read this right you had an agreement for a phased return with recognition that you are not well and agreement for adaptions etc? So he waits to get you on your own and changes the agreement.? He is a bully and he is doing the classic intimidation treatment by attempting to make things difficult for you so as to set you up to fail.

    This form of behaviour and maltreatment is not acceptable.

    You have done well to get through this in one piece. I suggest a formal letter to HR stating what happened at the 1-2–1and confirmation they will keep their original agreement may be a good idea. May be worth asking if they told him to change or move the goal posts!

    Can you get some advice from NRAS tomorrow?

    Really sorry you have such a low life of a manager who feels he can treat you like this.

    Well done for getting this far. You must be exhausted.

    Please keep us all in the loop.


  • Still fuming on your behalf! What he’s doing is bigger - you are protected by the Equality Act 2010 (disability legislation) and as such, your employer has a duty of care . This man is not following direction in ensuring this and as such , his actions are unlawful. Please take advice either from your union or an employment lawyer.

    Really feel for you and genuinely hope you find sine support in this.

    Take cate, marie

  • Hi have you been there long .seems you have strong case to walk and go for constugtive dismissal.unless you think you have to much to lose .witb reading your post its sounds like bullying as well .id. complain at least about him.but there again. O my way to leave don't no I'd get advice .you may not be that way inclined though

  • Speak to ACAS

  • Contact HR , OH and union. Better to put in writing what he has said. Also write / email your manager and say to confirm what has been said at your one to one. He has no legal right to say what he did. Do you have notes taken at your one to one. This must be so exhausting for you . Don't let him manage you out of work. I know it's not easy for you but he just can't get away with this. Be as strong as you can and it sounds as though your team are also very unhappy with this manager. Take care.

  • He writes the notes and needless to say it never matches what he's actually saying

  • Interesting you work in the public sector as I did for many years. I only came across problems when I asked for my hours to be reduced which was quite a few years ago. I had strong union representation and was allowed to drop a day. I have to say my team and manager were very good re my PaA and I wasn't the only one who had medical problems. As a team we supported each other. In this climate of massive case loads, not enough staff should not make any difference to how you are treated at work. You can always ask for a different union rep. Drinking with the senior manager should not make a difference and if your case has been discussed well that is a breach of confidentiality . I really feel for you because I know how hard it is to be heard and to have a disability . Talk about the public sector looking after their own. They are the worse at doing that. Sorry about the rant but it really makes my blood boil. Stick in there and let me know how you get on. Take care

  • Are you a union member? If not join now it will be the best thin g you do. Also let HR know that he is going against the agreed return to work schedule and that that is a breach of any employment legislation. Know your rights and you will be in a much stronger position to battle this. Call it out for what it is discrimination and harassment and use those words, it freaks them out.

  • Loads of good advice already given so will just wish you all the very best. Stay strong and bury that useless, bullying idiot of a manager. You'd do yourself and your colleagues a massive favour. Huge gentle hugs


  • A lot of it is passive aggressive stuff too like oh your colleagues they work so hard they never complain etc etc for a start he seems not to realise that you cannot compare a colleague with a disability with one without. He thinks he's untouchable as he was put in to this post by the director who once tried to get me out of the directorate because I challenged him at a meeting (we are supposed to do that it's one of our values)

  • Unfortunately I work in the public sector where the union reps drink with senior management

  • Disgraceful and I re-iterate what has already been said. Clear bullying behaviour and he is setting you up to fail by his behaviour which is clearly discrimination under the 2010 equality act. I think it may be time to get professional legal advice.

    Beverley (NRAS helpline)

  • Thanks Beverely and thanks to NRAS for all their support

  • Sorry to hear this Helz. 😢

  • Spoke to my HR manager today she's not impressed with what my boss has done - especially as he's halted an agreed reasonable adjustment.

    She has said I can raise a grievance but instead we've gone for her talking to our director as my manager is doing a lot of this saying it's on the director's say so. HR manager doesn't think this is the case so is going to raise it with him

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