Birmingham open day and update!

Can some one please message with details of open day in Birmingham

times of workshops etc.

I deleted my personal profile of summer accidently when I left another health Unlocked site it took my profile from this one too! and the long awaited reply from NRAS too because once you delete a profile you cant retreive old messages etc.

I am still waiting for letter from rhuematologist from JUNE 3RD appointment re treatment!! not happy cant use hands to make a fist etc in morning.. has passed anti tnf assessment twice at scores both over 5.1.. but she told me not swollen enough!!, bad news was a spurious ana test which was positive,, so considering connective tissue disorder eg lupus!

left with no meds other than painkillers not v happy...

Seeing occy health tue will have nothing to report consultant was meant to write to Her and me re illness re work capabilities re illness/ fatigue.

I will be forced to sign a temporary reduced hours my phased return to my normal hours note ran out on june 25th.. so will have to do a back dated contract to beginning of July for only about 18 HOURS as fatigue and pain with no proper meds mean this is all I can safely work!!

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  • Oh Summer really hope you get some med sorted asp .Soory can't help with info on nras, xxx

  • Birmingham is on the 18th September at Solihull college, if you book through the helpline. I haven booked a hotel yet but RA Fibro has I believe, i forget which one she said. I am waiting a bit to see how i am first !!!

  • just checked my diary which has 18 and 19 blocked out!

  • I Know its the 18Th thur but I Lost the programme details when I accidently deleted myself!! not staying overnight to keep cost down and save leave too x

  • think its too far for me to try and do in a day, so will think about it but it would be lovely to meet you.

  • Hi Summer

    I'll re-send you the email with all the information in it about the Birmingham Members Day but it is on Thursday 19th September from 10.30am to 4.30pm.


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