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Short and sweet in parts

First week a work awful.. bullyng til friday!!!. again.. horrid!!

.Bp off scale now on Bp meds not v happy sure work stress and incorrectly medication for ra have contributed.. main culprit prob steroids and being in pain.. awaiting new meds.

Second das score on weds ,negative rf value ie sero negative my HOSP or rather my

consultant thinks this equals non elgibilty for anti tnf treatment.. will soon as poss get second opinion either nhs or private within next month probably...

Today off for short cheap break in on line offer for spa type hotel Burnham beeches( bucks) one night package for two dinner and bb. ( spa treatments are extra)// its about 80 min away or about 80 miles away from here i think. in Buckinghamshire.

Have a good weekend every one

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Have a good time. Hope you don't get the snow we have here at the moment.


have a great break, sounds as if you really deserve it! And it's rubbish that sero-neg people aren't eligible for biologics....there's not a word about it in the NICE guidelines as all about DAS score and previous treatment history. Px


Have a good week end.

As we both know bullies are actually cowards.

Keep a record of all incidents and any other evidence dates, times, actions. Attitudes. Then report it to HR.. if you are not in a union. Get advice from ACAS. Bullying is wide spread in the NHS. I tolerated it for too long. Until i'd had enough. Stronger and happier now... thinking of you.

Love Carole


Sorry to hear it's started so soon after returning to work, try and relax, enjoy your short break. xxx


Have a great weekend summer will be thinking of you enjoying yourself and will be envious.xxxx


Same from me - have a great time away. As you know I think your treatment sucks but what to do about it I don't know. There are plenty of people on here who have qualified for anti tnfs despite being sero negative - hope 2nd opinion sorts this nonsense out for for once and all. Tilda xx


hope the weekend will help you to feel better about the situation.



ahem, come on, for 2????? tell us more please, well not all haha just, was the bed scattered with roses and is he handsome?



I hope you're enjoying you weekend, summer. You are not far from me, I live near silverstone which borders Buckinghamshire. It's been trying to snow all day here, how about you?

I have just been offered anti-tnf treatment and I am seronegative ! It's utter nonsense to be refused because of this. And I'm really surprised to know that bullying goes on within the NHS, that's awful. I hope your weekend has washed all thoughts of your bad week away.

Wish I was there, June x


Petalnumber2,I don't live far from you about 30 mins drive away xx


I am seronegative and got biologicals within 3 months as my inflammation was so bad. Unususal i know but he treated the patient. i couldnt move at all, so i am glad they took me into account.

And remember keep going to the HR over this!! love Axx


Hi Summer, and all

As far as we are aware, being seronegative should not affect your eligibilty for anti-TNF drugs. Ailsa, NRAS CEO herself is seronegative and on an anti-TNF, so Summer I think you're right in thinking along the lines of seeking a second opinion. The only biologic drug that may be affected by the rheumatoid factor test is rituximab, as those who are seronegative are less likely to respond to rituximab. It does not rule the drug out for those who are seronegative and so it may still be offered.

I hope you were able to enjoy your weekend Summer and get things sorted at work.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate



Thank you Sarah-Kate


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