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Bad night at bulkington villa

Bad night at bulkington villa

Yesterday i couldn't work out why i was so tired despite feeling quite bright. What i didn't know was what was to come. I can't begin to describe what sort of night it was. I ached like hell,weird dreams.I was very hot and in quite a bit of pain,struggling to type this morning. I feel so bad i could cry this morning. I felt like coming downstairs at 2.00am but i refused to give in,went back to sleep for a while,kept looking at the clock. First it was 3.00am then 4.00am then 4.30am and at 5.30am i gave up and came downstairs.

Last night, my eyes started to go puffy and my head started to feel odd.My ra is all down my right side,strange i know,but my left side is nothing compared to the right side.I haven't dared look in the mirror yet,afraid of what i might see.

I am on my recliner and i will see if i can get some rest,don't know about sleep yet.

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aww Slyvi I wonder if you are coming down with something - it does sound as though you have a bit of a temperature.

You have been out and about a bit lately you could have picked up a wee bug. Maybe you should get the doctor out just to make sure its not something other than ra.


Oh mads i really don't know whats wrong to be honest with you. I haven't really had anything illness wise since i was diagnosed with ra about 8-9yrs ago. I have flu jab every year but never suffer. I have been very hot this morning,but i put that down to the fact my ovaries are now at the end of their life,i was told that by a doc at the clinic,he said that the hrt i was on was not enough to stop it,it was just giving me a low dose. The last time i saw my doc last week he wasn't very sympathetic i don't know whats wrong with him that day,i can only think that he was fed up with me keep going with my complaints. My hands and knee are both rough this morning. I'm down the hospital next week so i'm going to try and get a solution on my knee. I want to know why my gp won't refer,he keeps telling me that i have to live with it,but he won't tell me why. With my knee if i knew what was wrong i could come to terms with it and manage it,but until i know i will alsways be whittling on.

I was told that as my antibodies are working overtime in my body i wouldn't suffer colds and flu like symptoms and so far that has been true,i've never been healthier in that respect. My eyes are a good indicator of whats going on. They puff up and go dark. After i had my eyes done in august i haven't had any problems with the vision,my optician says they are the best he's seen them in a long while. Having said that my face and eyes all down my right side are sore and they are a lot worse than the left. The ra is also only down my right side. It doesn't make any sense to me.

Sorry for going on. xxx


It does sound all so strange and it is really worrying you. when i had that tooth abcess lately i had a really high temperature so something small could be causing all this.

Re your knee - did you get an xray/mri done lately. I did and it led to more treatment and appointment with physio. It gives you a greater deal of information of how the ra or osteoarthritis has affected your knee.

It could be that your doctor is thinking that the rheummy should be dealing with you more. Thats how my gp works they will deal with pain relief but nothing more. I hope you will get more answers next week.


It was the shrink he was mad at as she said that i need some resolution on my knee before i could move forward,he said she should be helping me come to terms with my knee as it is as it won't change. He is on the whole a damn good doc think he was having an off day. The trouble i find is nobody is willing to talk to each other.

Have you seen kapils blog,what do you think?



hi hope you are better.. who is in the pic? XX


My daughter,its been a bit of a worrying evening as we had hubby down the hospital with the same problem that he had the other week. He is home now and i will tell all tomorrow. xx


Do insist that they take care of your knee. I was told that I was too young at 59 to have a TKR on NHS. By the time I managed to get a second opinion I had to have a TKR before it was too late due to the damage caused.

So do not give in until you are happy .


I have had a knee replacement and ligament stitch back,but i keep getting a lot of swelling and it won't go down. I'm seeing rheumy on thursday so we are going to see if i can get in by the back door. My consultant is based it walgrave and so is the specialist knee man so i'm going to see if he will speak to him and see if he will see me. Gp tells me i've got to live with it.



Sylvie dear, Please do not accept that "you gotta live with it" crap! Best bet is to see the surgeon who did the replacement, see if he can atleast explain what is going on. Could be an inflammation of the tissue surrounding the knee joint, but he might want to rule out a localized infection. Which would explain the feverish feelings. Have you taken your temperature during these phases?

It is unfortunate that we have to prompt our docs and then drag out of them what we need to know, too many of them just assume we are all ignorant so why waste their time? But of course you need an answer. Don't give in or up:) XX Loret


Loret,i'm seeing my rheumy this afternoon and i'm going to see if i can get a second opinion through the back door.I going to ask her to look in my files and see if she can find out about my knee. No i haven't took my tempreture never thought about it. I spoke to my son last night over skype and i was able to see him which made me feel a lot happier as i could see him and see that he was well. Am seeing the rheumy this afternoon and i'm going to see if they can help me get a second opinion.

How are you? well as we can be with this disease. I know you'll shortly be off to bed so sleep well my friend.

Sylvi xx


Hi Sylvia, So how did things go at the Rheumie's yesterday?

I' m wiped out after my marathon in the kitchen last night and early this am. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at my son, Doug;s and family and his in-laws

They all loved my Cranberry Relish and Waldorf Salad, they ask for them every year. Will recover tomorrow and then go to Tim and Heather's family dinner on Saturday, since Heather had to work 12 hours today. She works at Great Wolfe Lodge, an Indoor Water Resort Lodge, they were putting on a grand buffet all day today and Heather is a cook there.

I am definetly turning in and getting horizontal earlier than 1 am tonight!!!

Let me know about the Rheumy reslts. Love, Loret


I've have ra round my eyes,thats because there's a joint near my ear and that's where the ra has settled. So thats why my right eye is always so bad. I know my eyes are swollen because i had my eyes cauterised to stop them being dry,they are working and are clearer for having the op done. You want to know about the knee. My rheumy nurse did speak to the consultant,but i have to still pressure my gp. So i'm back to square one on that front. I'm going back to my gp and explain to him that i can cope with the knee if i know whats wrong with it. Thats why i want a second opinion. I was surprised at how upset i was when she told me that. The nhs in this country is going to the dogs. My biggest arguement is that they all treat each part of the body but no one seems to treat me as a whole person. They don't understand that the knee problem is causing a knock on effect on the rest of me. Hubby is coming with me,he always comes with me,but this time we might see another gp in the practise.

I'm glad you had a lovely thanksgiving,the trouble is getting ready for the day takes so much out of you. You mustn't do anything today and you must rest.

Take care.


Sylvia. xxx


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