Bad night with weird dreams

Bad night with weird dreams

Hello everyone. I have had the worst nights sleep in a long time. I had weird dreams and dad people haunting. People who i don't know were going through my mind because they had done something wrong like cheating on their partners etc. It was made worse by the fact i can't get it out of my head either. Also i am having trouble with my neck as well. It is very sore and i got hubby to rub some cream into it to ease the pain i hope.

My eyes are playing up as well and i spoke to my doctor last week and her opinion is i have sjorgens. I have started to have funny turns as well like the world is going round and the doctor at the hospital yesterday said i was dehydrated. So i had to go and drink a cup of tea and a bottle of water. My blood pressure also dropped as well. That has never happened to me before and to be honest it was quite scary. I don't know if this is tied up with Sjorgens or not,any advice would be welcome.

I hope you are all in less pain than i am at the moment. Hugs to those who need

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  • Sorry to hear you didn't get a good nights sleep. Nightmares are awful and you take a long time to get back to sleep after them. As to the dehydration, when I used to do home caring for the oldies, I was told to tell them to make sure they had coffee and tea breaks as if they were at work in addition to their tea/coffee/water at meal times, and at tablet taking time to drink a full glass of water with their tablets even if it was only for one tablet. Try this and see if it helps. Take care. xx

  • I will thank you,I usually drink a lot of

  • Sorry you had such a bad night. It 's horrible when you can't get it out of your mind.

    Do hope you have a better time tonight. Maybe a warm milk drink last thing would help. It's probably a result of being unwell, sometimes a bit of pampering can lift your mood.

    Look after yourself. M x

  • Hi Sylvi,

    I've read this post with considerable interest as I lie in the 'probably sjrogen's' category and the one stiffness/morning ache I get is with my neck and when my neck is worse so are my eyes. Getting enough water/fluids in is a constant effort and I soon know if I've let myself slip in this department. Sleep has also been a problem (for several years) and vivid dreams a a part of it. My sleep problems and dream disturbances have reduced considerably since I started on Trazadone (100mg each night) but I find the trazadone a bit strong and will ask to have the dose lowered as it is supposed to be effective as a 'sleeping med' at as low as 50mg... My GP feels that 6 months of this med may be long enough for my body to get back into a restful sleeping pattern -here's hoping!!!

    Regarding my neck the physio has stated an absolute 'No' to sleeping on my front as it's a position which puts unnatural stress on my neck. I now have an ergonomic pillow and it's one of the best investment I've made in a long time.

    I've not had the vertigo type effect which you have described as the world going round and it might be worth going back to the doc to check if you have an inner ear or gland infection which might be effecting your sense of balance.

    I've no valid ideas and thoughts regarding the drop in blood pressure but now thinking about it one of the side effects of trazadone is lower blood pressure so maybe don't look at going down that road to help with sleep!!!

    Good luck


  • Ali i have tinnitus so i already know about it to be honest,it was the being dehydtrated that i had never given any thought to. I have been asleep this afternoon as well,but i still feel exhausted. xxxx

  • Aaah so inner ear stuff is offers no new insights! Regarding dehydration I wonder just how much more susceptible we become to this when developing/having an autoimmune condition, I certainly find myself drinking more than I use to -water of course!

    Sorry to hear that your sleep has not been restorative- I flaming hate it when that happens!

    All the best


  • Thank you darling,i am hoping come tomorrow i will feel brighter.xxxx

  • Weird dreams, I feel for you Sylvi. I started having them around the time my amitriptyline was increased from 10mg to 25mg, most odd out-of-this-world type dreams that really disturbed me & whilst the ami helped me catch up on the months of a few hours a night it wasn't the relaxing sleep I'd longed for. They suddenly stopped a few weeks later but on Monday my GP increased it to 50mg & the 2 nights now I've had them again. They're never the same one night to the next & I'm hoping they'll go again as I get used to the increase like before. Sorry! I've turned this round to me. I hope yours don't continue, especially if you can't make sense of them. I hope they can get to the bottom of what's causing your hypotension as well as your neck. I get my h to soothe mine each morning with arnica gel, my lower back & hips too, bliss! Not sure it does an awful lot but warmed hands are certainly nice massaging gel in first thing. Odd but as a rule I can't be doing with messing but he's got it just right, lovely. Oops me again! Just hope you get sorted really, you deserve a break. x :)

  • There is not a problem you talking about your problems it helps us all to get answers so don't worry about that. I am off ami i used to take it,but rheumy felt i was on enough drugs as it was.I feel so so tired and when my dinner is over i might go and bath and rest in bed. I am praying that it was a one off. Hugs for you

  • You're very generous Sylvi, but I did go on as norm. I know just what you mean though about so many meds. My rescript has reached 3 pages now but unfortunately all found necessary after our Practice performed script reviews trying to reduce prescribing costs. Harrumphh! Anyway that sounds like a plan if you start getting droopy & I hope you have an uneventful night. x

  • Hi sylvi, do I remember you saying that you have menieres disease, only my husband had that & his head would spin so much so that he would pass out. But not any of your other symptoms. Wish you better x

  • Thank you

  • Hi Sylvi ... those bad dreams do indeed freak you out. I am not remembering dreams as much lately but have had some weird ones before Christmas. They leave you quite shaken when they seem so real. I wonder if with the freezing spell we have had lately you have turned up heating/kept it on overnight or put any more bedding on? We have and I am parched in the night and have a little glug from my water bottle and chuck off the throw on top of the quilt. Also I am normally quite a selective eater and do not have much that is salty, but over Christmas my eating routine has been all over the place .. turkey, gravy, roasties .. snacks .. all salty .. and I am wondering if you have had more foods that can dehydrate over the holiday period?? I don't know much at all about Sjorgens, except once a few years ago an emergency dentist told me she thought I had it ... as she thought my mouth was dry but when I saw my usual dentist the next week he dismissed it and said I did not. Said there were no signs he saw to suggest an overly dry mouth. I hope you soon get back on track and peaceful nights and sweet dreams. My hubby bought me some low cal orange Lucozade Sport drinks to try hydrate me more if I am staying in during this cold weather and spending more time than usual with the radiators on higher. They seem to help. Quite decent to drink short term. I also find hot/warm lemon water thirst quenching. Hugs, NK xxx

  • We never leave the heating on over night it is always switched off. I slept a lot better thank goodness and no weird dreams . I drink a lot of flavoured water and i have to watch which water i drink as some have a lot of calories. I have a very dry mouth and very sore eyes.xxxx

  • Glad no more weird dreams and better sleep ;-) Yes we can't bear heating on overnight ... you can wake up with banging headache and sinus problems if an overheated room .. but some people cannot bear to be cooler in bed. I prefer to wear flannel jamas and add a throw if needed. We only just closed the little window in December as we like a bit of air. I keep the bedroom door ajar and let air circulate through the landing and into ours, from the back bedroom window so not directly on us when it gets cold but we want some air.

    I don't like flavoured waters much anymore don't know ... why but love the low cal orange Lucozade Sport. I feel much better too since resuming last week, the slice of lemon in warm water each morning (boiled then gone a tad cooler before drinking) I know lemon alkalyses in the body but do you know or anyone know if it is detrimental to drink it each morning when you have RA? Also, I have recently seen an article about peeling two lemons and putting their skins in a jar and covering with olive oil for two weeks and using to rub on sore joints as lemon skin has phospherous and all sorts of properties to help sore joints. ) I will give it a go and report back!

    Do you have those pastilles I think Twitchy talked of . . lemon flavoured to combat mouth dryness? I guess though they are a med/prescription and could have effects on/with other meds. I did have some artificial tears prescribed when my over active thyroid (Graves) was bonkers about tn years ago but they are fine these days. I hope your eyes and mouth are not hassling you too badly and can improve, and take care dear Sylvi. xxxx

  • That kind of spinning feeling can also be caused by problems with arthritis right at the top of your neck and instability at the atlantoaxial joint. If the problems don't go away, ask your doctor if its worth getting xrays to see if that atlantoaxial joint is slipping a bit and pressing into the spinal cord. If the vagus nerve is getting squished a bit that could drop blood pressure too. Try the simple remedies of keeping hydrated, etc, but if it doesn't resolve, don't be afraid to go back to your doctor and get them to check out your neck properly.

  • Thank you darling i will certainly go to the doctors.xxxx

  • I know this is just one tiny little thing but I reckon it's best to drink water regularly every day, not just when you feel a great need to. It's so easy to think of water as something to resort to only when we're really thirsty, but dehydration actually can make you feel very foggy and more tired, especially when you're taking a lot of medication. My husband's noticed how often I drink (just water I mean, unfortunately!) and also how half a pint of the stuff lifts me when I'm flagging. So after 57 years of avoiding water like the plague, he's now started drinking quite a lot himself.

    Sorry! I must read other replies before posting. Just seen that you say you do drink a lot of water. Oh well, maybe others will see we both recommend it!

  • Thank you for your reply,yes i drink a lot and it is flavoured water and i have to check the bottles as some have a lot of calories in and volvic is one of the worst. You will be pleased to know i slept well last night and no weird

  • That's good. Do keep hydrated though Syvi but maybe watch flavoured water, not so healthy as they'd like us to think! Fingers crossed for the same for you tonight. x

  • We do keep an eye on which water to buy. Hubby is big now on reading the bottles. Volvic is the worst. A lot of them are very low in calories. So i am in safe hands with hubby checking everything. I did sleep well last night as

  • Alarming isn't it? My h saw about the flavourings on tv so we had a look.... we only get plain water now & he's fussy as some are very mineral-y & upset his tum. Who knew buying water could be so difficult lol! :P

  • You need a degree in something to understand it all. The up side of my hubbys diligence is i have lost three

  • Oh I know it's ridiculous. The longer the ingredients list the more I avoid nowadays & the writing's tiny! Well there you go! That's great, weight loss just by changing what you drink eh!? x

  • I sympathise with the weird dreams. I often get them and blame the meds. I think they started at the same time as sulfasalazine and Hydroxy were introduced, or it might be the increased Amitriptaline . I have to watch my neck too ( that sounds like a real contortion) as I tend to go to bed very early and watch TV. The set is to one side of the bed. The twist to my neck is very slight, but I was getting neck ache until I countered this by varying the position. I also now use a neck pillow -. Don't know if that helps at all, but in any event you have my sympathy. Jo

  • Weird dreams are so distressing.i came off amytriptaline because of them , I used to do a lot f relaxation / meditation tapes before bed to settle me, note to self start again!

    Hope it's improved lovely or go to sleep thinking about your lovely hubby! X

  • The thing with the dreams was i still remember them and they were all dead people. I haven't had any since darling thank

  • I had an awful one, you know the awful ugly Golum from lord of the rings, he climbed into bed and got between me and hubby! Where on earth do these come from, well supposedly things you have thought about get mixed up" glad u haven't had any more phew !

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