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Lets hope next year is brighter

Lets hope next year is brighter

Good morning everyone,lets hope that next year is brighter than this year has been.

I am still not as well as i would like to be. I am still very weak and when i get up on my feet i am struggling to breathe.I still feel very exhausted.Nothing is coming of my chest yet. I think i am sleeping better,what sleep i'm getting. I have been downstairs every night since this all started. At the moment at 8.11am i don't feel too bad in myself,but as soon as i get up to move now thats a different situation. I go through phases during the day when i feel so down and tearful. Then i can sit and feel ok. I think i will probally have to go back to the doctors on tuesday if i'm still feeling like this.

The downside to all this is that for two weeks now i haven't been able to have my mtx and my fingers are starting to feel the effect of no mtx. Not sure what next week will hold regarding the mtx. We will see. At least i am resting properly as i should have done all along.

I have met some lovely people here and made a lot of friends with you all. I am proud to be associated with you all and long may it continue. You are all remarkable people with what you all that you have to put up with.

I wish each and everyone of you a happy new year and a healthy one to boot. XXXX

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Happy new year to you Sylvi,for a 556 yr old !!! you are doing extremely well

LOL, just read your ( about me) thank you for giving me a good chuckle xx :))


your welcome my friend.xx


Happy new year to you

I had pnuemonia about 18 months ago and was admitted to hospital.It took me at least 3 mths to feel anywhere near back to normal so just take it easy and keep resting.

Take care

Julie xxx


Julie my luv,i'm unable to do anything else. I believe if i hadn't gone to doctors before xmas that i would be in hospital now. Thank god i went anyway. Still at least i'm saving money by not going to the sales. The money i would have spent is being put to one side for spending money when we go to cornwall in june/july,hopefully i will have save about a £1000. Not bad for being ill will it. I hope to more money away next week.

Grace and bob went to bedworth this morning and they got me adeles 21 album which is lovely and when grace goes next week she will try and get 19 for me. Adeles got a poerful voice and as i'm sitting here quietly i'm enjoying it.

have a lovely new year. I'm home alone tonight as bob's working and grace is out. I will sit here quite happily.

Love sylvi.xx


Hi Sylvi, I pray you are feeling better real soon. Even though you are sick, you are still so positive and supportive. I would love to know you face to face. You have just got to be a very caring person. Amazing. I love the way you use your words. example Julie my luv. Take care today and please remember that I am thinking of you. xxxx Linda


Linda thats so nice of you to say so. If we weren't positive this disease will kill us and i refuse to let it take anymore of me than it has already taken. I live just outside of coventry so i'm right in the middle of the country.

Love sylvi. xxx


Good morning and a Happy New Year to all my new friends. So many of you have a great, positive outlook, and yes that is the very best way to manage this annoying disease! It's all based on Hope, isn't it?

All you who live in the same country should plan to meet in the middle this year! And anyone else from Scotland and Ireland, would that be way cool or what?

Then you could get a picture taken and post it here for the ones from across the pond to see!!

Dream on, dream on! Well, having goals is a good thing too!

I know, I was up late last night and the mind is wandering all over the coffee table:)

Now I have to go make Mac N chees for our buffet tonight. Grandchildren should be arriving in a couple hours. Cheers for now! Love, Loretta


Well i'm in the midlands so it is quite central if anyone is interested. You have a lovely evening with your family tonight loretta. xxxx


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