New scooter

New scooter

Well ladies and gents, i have a bit of a good news story. I have aquired a new scooter. It is a bigger one with a head over it. Its not new,but it will keep me dry and safer. It cost me £400 and i'm very pleased with it. it needs a tax disc,i have to change the ownership of it first,then i will get a tax disc. It won't much difference to my condition,but i should be able to get nuneaton and back. I won't try that until hubby is home and he can monitor me and come and help if needed. I can only thank the lady who gave me the chance to get it.

I had a very good nights sleep,my head is clear and i feel bright. My joints are still very sore,but i'm not tired.


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  • Aw good for you sylvi. Bet you can't wait to get going glad your feeling better today. I am anxious about my appt on thursday and couldn't sleep properly Last night and when I did I had nightmares! Its my first time at the main hospital and will be starting MTX. Tummy flips just thinking about it. Happy scootering haha! Xx

  • Treesha, mxt is nothing to worry about,i do my own every wednesday by injection,nothing to it,its so easy. you will be fine,think about it whats worse being in pain or being out of pain. Thats the choice you have to make.

    Just to make you laugh i have a GO FASTER button on this scooter.Now that will be a laugh me bonbing up the road to beworth at 8miles an hour. lol

    Sylvi xx

  • congrats on new scooter

  • Hi Sylvi, glad you are feeling better. Good news about the new scooter but try not to fall off it this time! LOL.

    Treesha, I agree with Sylvi, injecting MTX is a doddle once you are used to it. Get your surgery nurse to show you how for the first time or two and get her to watch whilst you do one. After that, you should be fine.

    LavendarLady x

  • You a comedian !!!! lol. like it though. It is a lot bigger so i shouldn't fall off ha! ha!

    I'm brighter today as i slept well last night,that makes all the difference. My scooter has a go fast button!! goes from 4miles an hour to 8miles an hour, now i will wait for the jokes to roll in!!!! I have had a lot of misery just lately so i expecting you all to make jokes and take the micky,and why not we're all feeling down,so i give you all permission to take the micky.

    Love sylvi. xx

  • A female on a scooter and big un! (the scooter that is ... heehhe)

    There is a lady lives local and she is fearless on hers, going about at 300mph with a stern look on her face all the time as we dive for cover. The local council have kindly installed hand rails all over the area so when shes out and about we can grab them as she whizzes by :)

  • ha ha!!!! i knew you wouldn't let me down. Its lovely hearing me laugh,thank you don't have a lot to laugh about,but if this blog makes someone else smile i and you will make our job done. xx

  • My pleasure ...

  • Hi

    Congrats with the new scooter.


  • Thanks,i think this will cause a few chuckles what me managing to fall off the other one. We are keeping the other one as it goes in the car when we go out and when we are on holiday.


  • Happy scooting Sylvi :-)

    Try not to run anyone over.


  • ha! ha!

  • Hi Sylvi

    Glad you've got your new scooter- hope its a bit safer than the old one! Keep an eye out for the speed cameras though!

    You sound a bit brighter today - hope you're feeling better

    Love Julie x

  • Thanks Sylvi and L Lady for encouraging comments here's hoping for a good nights sleep tonight. Sylvi where I work a lady approached our double front doors asuming they were automatic in her motorised scooter, she hit the doors and took the top hinge off one of them leaving it hanging dangerously. She then proceeded to bump into one of our desks and broke the computer printer too. I work for a well known high street opticians so you can imagine the comments and hilarity from all our customers in our store that day! It was funny though. Sleep well xx

  • She should have gone to specsavers then!!!! xx

  • Just to save any confusion that accident happened a couple of yrs ago when I worked on the shop floor I have since been promoted to a cupboard I mean office on the top floor xx

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