Photo of my new scooter

Photo of my new scooter

Hello friends,My daughter took the photo today of my new scooter. On wednesday a service man came to service my other scooter,and he said he would service the new one for £20. He did a good job. He said that the cover alone was worth the price i paid,and the batteries were of a bigger and better quality. He checked the amount of time it had been used and it had been used only 44hrs. It was brought in 2007 and it had only done 44hrs,i think i got a very good bargain.

It has been another dull day here in costa del bulkington, I went to bedworth just to get out, went on my new scooter and it kept me warm,i only had a sweatshirt on.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  • Glad for you Sylvie! looking good! Happy travels.

  • Thanks,Hows the legs? are you on the mend? xxx

  • Hi Sylvi

    I am well Jel!!!

    Seriously your looking good

    Sci xx

  • HI sylvie

    Good bargain, new wheels, what more could you ask for.

  • Thanks girls, looking good is the easy part,nobody sees what we are going through. Someone i know from when the kids were at school saw me on it and commented on face book that she didn't realise i was that bad. Its only when i'm on the scooter that people then realise whats going on inside us.

    This scooter gets me out and about in relative warm,its gets very warm when the covers down,i have to unzip them,just like when you open the cars windows.


  • looks like a nice scooter , well done on your bargain x

  • Thank you sumer,it makes a change for something nice to happen,we don't seem to have much luck one or another.My hubby was really chuffed i can tell you. xxx

  • you could be heading for the T T next year then lol, looks nice and comfy. I hope you have many happy miles together.


  • My next door neighbour calls me emerson fittapaldi already.xx

  • OMG Sylvie!!! That is not at all what I pictured a scooter to be! :) Here, a scooter has just one wheel in front, controls on the handlebars, runs on 2 25lb batteries, good for 14 miles.

    I need one like yours! I would sure be more free! Should show the picture to my sons, surely between the 4 of them, they could find one for me, though I have not seen that in catalogs here. Wonder if it can be shipped across the ocean? I'm sure they do. Have fun, Loret

  • You could get it shipped over.Give me a bit of time and i try and put together some info and i will send the info over.When i've done it i will need your address. I wil also ask my son, he is working out of canaveral by the nasa space centre on the cruise ships. He says that they get a lot of these machines on board ship,so when i talk to him next i get him to find out for you. xxx

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