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my scooter

I've started using my own scooter while out. I've decided that it's a positive step as -

I can be out for a bit longer;

I can get further;

the pain is less;

more quality time with friends as I'm not struggling to breathe/move/keep up;

I get to be out where life is going on;

I meet nice people who smile or pass a moment [eg "cold today"] or ask if I can reach;

I'm acknowledged as a person - not invisible, I exist!

I get to be independent.

I know there are negatives but they're the same as everyday when I'm on my crutch [es] so they aren't botherable [ I just made that word up! ]

try the scooters out in supermarkets first. I hope this might help someone.



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Thats a really positive note on life!

If it gets you further, is less painful and gets you out and about to meet your friends it must be a god send and a positive for you.

Its good that it helps you and its nice you have welcome reactions to you as a person, not someone in a wheelchair.

If it improves your daily life and has a positive impact then go for it.

It can only help you and make your life that bit easier.

I take my hat off to you.




thank you Jo, [put that hat back on though, it's cold out]

it's taken a while to reach this point, I've had one a while but only used the shop ones locally. It's been nice to see the shops and people bustlingly [new word 2] christmassy.



Sandra, i find i couldn't manage without my scooters. LIke you i can get out and go farther. I take mine everywhere where i know it will be a lot of walking. People usually stop me and comment either on my hair or nails which is nice. I wear my hair in different colours and the same with the nails,if it makes one person stop and speak to me it has done its job. We get so depressed with this disease its a wonder how we manage to carry on some days.



Scooter power, love em!!

Madge on Benidorm would have me in stitches as she zoomed

along in her dolled up scooter, now it is friends that laugh at me

as I force my Cadiz over terrain it never thought it would encounter.

I do not use it for shopping as I want to force myself to walk, however

slowly, for as long as possible. i use it for dog walking and boot sales.

I find it upsets me when people give me sympathetic smiles or call

me 'deary', it happens at the boot sales a lot. I often get off and go and

view a stall cos, A I want to keep active and B I feel better showing

people I am able to walk.

I did get very upset when on one occasion a stall holder ran after us

with various disabled things he wanted to give me, some of which were

personal items(:(

I politely declined and for a while after I did not go to the sales.

I know people mean well, I no doubt did it before RA, now I just wish

to be accepted as part of the scene.

However, one thing that amuses me greatly is the reaction of small kids,

I have been asked if I will give them a ride! how fast does it go? wish I

had one etc, Oh the innocence of youth.


I totally agree! I use mine a lot when out and about as it means I don' t get too tired and hurt less. Nobody wants to go shopping with a grumpy friend. Not something I ever expected to need but, hey ho, these things happen! Mind you, I am on a couple of weeks of higher pred and I walked for about 10 minutes yesterday ..... just like in the good old days!!!! Xxx Virge


i have two scooters one i can get in the car and use when i go hospital, and the the other i use for walking my two Labradors. I am out with them for about an hour each day, all weather rain or shine. I think its my dogs that keep me going. My kids always help me when they can as they have their own children and houses to look after.My husband has his own pains and dont we know it, so if i want something done i do it or it dont get done.


Sandra, I have been relying on the supermarket scooters for many years, though about my house and yards, I can walk with a walker. I don't want to ever sit down for always, I am afraid to become dependant, but for shopping, it's a blessing! I often encourage others to use the supermarket scooters, and some are so stubborn, they refuse and then struggle behind the basket on wheels, often then say they can't go shopping.

Like you, I just refuse to limit myself to anything I can do, with whatever aids I need. I want to go up and down and all around the store aisles, don't want to miss anything, not to buy, but just see what is new! God bless, keep on keeping on! Loret xxxd


thankyou for your lovely comments,

I got a WAV - wheelchair adapted vehicle recently which allows me to run the scooter up the fitted ramp - I can't lift or dismantle a scooter.

I bought my scooters on ebay one small - thunderbird 4; one big - thunderbird 2; [although , maybe it should be 1 and the wav should be 2! ]



many towns have "shopmobility" scooters, it costs about £10 a year.


What a positive blog x


Hi Sandra

I have got a scooter now, took a while to get one as my pride wouldn't let me but so glad I finally did and like you has really made a big difference to my life and can get out so much easier and enjoy "normal" life again.

So if thinking about it just do it !!!




I agree totally,


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