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Just bought my first boot scooter and feeling emotional . All this is new to me but know it will give me bit of freedom . since August unable to walk with out involuntary movements and jerking.looks like I am tripping and being thrown forward.hope get some answers when see neurologist professor next month.

This scooter will let me ride at side of husband instead of him pushing me in a wheelchair . He hearing is bad so couldn't hear when I wanted to stop for shopping on the shelves . I was getting ratty with him all time poor love.

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  • Congratulations on your new found freedom Fra22-57 .

    I too have a scooter which folds away in the boot and it has made such a difference for me.

    I can now go out with my hubby at my side and we can walk and talk together.I haven't been a wheelchair user except when I go on appointments at hospitals and use them to get from the car to the consultants room.I must say I don't find them very comfortable at all.

    The other big plus point is it also frees them up.Whilst they are pushing a wheelchair they're hands are not free to carry things and they are rather tied and sometimes I can go into one shop and hubby can go in another so we both have don't have to go everywhere together.

    I hope that you get the answers you are looking for at your forthcoming neurologist meeting.In the meantime enjoy yourself and happy scootering!,

    Best wishes.



  • Aww bless you that was lovely reply.Life can be poo but suppose we have to accept and wishes

  • Hi,

    You're very welcome.

    It took me a long time to come to terms with things, and to some extent still am.Get really down on a bad day.A few years ago I was about 6 stone lighter than I am now and cycling 100 miles a week- very fit.

    There are times when I still feel too self conscious to use my scooter in my local town as I don't want my husbands exc wife to see me - she would just love it! So I keep a low profile ,but if I didn't have my scooter my life would be a lot different so get out there and enjoy things while you can.

    Take care,



  • Too true.I feel alot like you do.when on holiday we liked to do some walking but had to cancel as can't walk outside on my own even now due to last stay in hospital . went in hospital for colonoscopy n collapsed n waiting room due to been told not to take pm and am medication.days later tried getting out hospital bed to loo and ended up like I am.bad treatment .

    Hope this scooter will be first step of getting back to some sort of life.

    Big hug to you.try and stay strong

  • This is one thing that I am considering, what type of boot shooter do people have and would they recommend their model?

  • Mine was brand new £499.runs 10 km. it's a Drive medical .detaches into 4 pieces to go in car boot

  • First I would go to your local shop mobility centre and look at them and try sitting on them - most you have to sit with knees at 90 degree and I could not do that. Take one out around the shops and see how you get on. Then visit you local mobility shop and try those, take them apart and try them in your vehicle as some parts are quite heavy (both my local ones allowed that). Mine was one of the larger take apart ones because of where I might want to ride it and to allow me to put my legs forward but that did make it more difficult to manage on my own but usually I was out with someone else and the kids were quite a team at doing it.

    Also think about where you want to use it most to determine size.


  • I didn't realise I could go on bus with the one I have bought.Apparently you need a permit and the turning circle has to be small

  • Even more freedom for you.

  • My scooter not allowed on bus so will still have to rely on husband to take me out. I will try ride round village this morning on my own

  • I knew about the bus permit. The bus company come out, check your scooter us the right type and that you can control it. But the point to remember, wheelchairs take priority over scooters.

  • Update this morning is my hands arms and legs are more painful . It brought my sciatica on yesterday while riding it...back n leg pain.think it's the gap in seat at back that probably caused that as it was freezing yesterday.

    Hope I can get used to it and pain gets worse or it will be money thrown down drain

  • As much as it is horrible having to accept that you need help it does make life easier. I wish I had given in earlier as it made such a difference to me. Luckily for me since my TKR and change of meds (it took a long time to find the right one) I have not needed it for a while. Farm

  • Yes I like the freedom from buying it yesterday but my arms and hands are more painful than usual this morning . tried swapping both hands yesterday with trigger and thought would be ok.hopefully body will get accustomed to it

  • This disease involves so much compromise. Have you tried compression gloves when driving? I used to have some black fingerless ones that did not look too 'medical' especially with winter coming and they washed reasonably well. Farm

  • I have some cloth ones but yes I have noticed professional wheel chair users at Paralympics wearing fingerless ones so I will look for some.

    What brilliant advice farm123 many thanks

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