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New RA side-effect: selfishness!

New RA side-effect: selfishness!

Went to see my Rheumy yesterday, who is rather obviously just few days away from maternity leave. So did I say 'congratulations', or 'how exciting', or even 'is this your first?'. No. Uppermost in my mind was, but what about ME! I did know she was pregnant from last times I saw her, but had somehow blanked out in my head that maternity leave is a consequence of pregnancy. Duh. RA certainly changes your view of life, and not necessarily in a good way as has made me more self-absorbed than perhaps is right.

I've been treated by her from the start, and have really appreciated her approach and accessibility (squeezing me into clinics at day's notice so can aspirate my knee, or give me steroid jab - pretty good eh?). So just the knowledge that I do have access to a good rheumy has given me huge confidence, and now I'm quite nervous that I won't get the same level of care over the next 9 months.

She told me that good locum is in place and she's booked my next appointment, but even so - I'm like a little duckling & can't just swop easily to following another duck around (or at least not until I can swim properly). I guess also a bit more nervous as my inflammation markers are up again, and various bits hurting, so she's also put me on 3rd DMARD and the first months with a new drug are a bit touch & go. I'm just going to have to hope that all goes smoothly....... But isn't it foul that the littlest things just knock you off balance with this disease? Polly

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Hi Polly, love the snowman. You have been busy!

I am sure your consultant will leave you in good hands whilst she is on maternity leave so try not to worry about it - it will make you feel worse.

I know if my consultant disappeared I would be lost completely (although he is a man so pregnancy unlikely to arise but as he is pretty brilliant in his field he could go onto bigger pastures).

Explain your worries to the new person, particularly about aspirations and injections and I am sure they will re assure you.

If I am really bad and can't get to my consultant, my GP will do the injections so that is also a possibility for you.

I agree, even small things can knock you off your perch. We have to cope with so much with this disease and get so frustrated as well , I could just scream and cry with it. I was talking to a lady last night who has ME - her husband has just had a triple heart by pass and she reluctantly agreed that someone should come in daily to help. She is very glad she did as she has been so tired with looking after her husband that the ME has really flared up again and knocked her for six.

So keep your chin up,let the new meds settle down and chat over worries with the new consultant when you meet. Love LavendarLady x


Polly have you thought to go in and see the new rheumy who will looking after you just for a chat. That is if you can get down to the hospital easily. It will give you the oppourtunity to get to see who they are and how you will get along with them. I'm sure they will accomodate you,it then will put you at ease when you have to go for your next appointment.

I was lucky when my rheumy had to go on sick leave because one of the other nurses took over from her and i'm on first name terms with them all. Sadly my old nurse couldn't come back as she died in august of breast cancer.

Hope this will help.

Sylvi. x


Hope your locum is nice?, Im sure they will be xx

did you build that snow man? x


He's lovely isn't he. xx


Can't claim credit for snowman - built by some creative kids! But I thought he was lovely too - & planning on using him for my xmas card too. Px


Love the snow man! I bet the locum will be fine, it's just u are nervous of someone new. I would be the same, but mine is past child bearing years..

Good luck and TTY not to worry ( damn iPad)



I reckon your wonderful sounding rheumy wouldn't have let just anyone stand in her place Polly - she'd only want the best for all her ducklings as otherwise would return after maternity leave to mayhem. TTx


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