Hi all, I work for the nhs and have been off sick since last may was diagnosed with ra last august and was started on mtx straight away,i was podiatrist and had meetings with hr and manager re working with ra we all decided that i wouldn't be able to do my job role but could do something else within the dept,anyway was told couldn't make up a job role and so now going through a redeployment process,this is getting me so angry as i have to find a job within the nhs apply for it as a new job get the ok from occy health ( can only work 16 hrs a week and not type but audio instead ) then if i get invited to an interview have to discuss my disability with them,but they only give you 10 weeks to find a job otherwise they will retire me on ill health.

I'm so worried as i have been searching everyday nearly every hour to check to see if there are any jobs and guess what nothing for my needs,if i can't find a job then we will suffer big time financially,i do receive dla but that has to be renewed this july and as its changing to pip i'm worried they won't give it to me,to get the disability element of tax credits the person who's disabled needs to be working,sorry about the long post but i'm really worried.

Forgot to mention not in the union and did'nt pay into the pension as i've only been there 5 years but was looking into it when my money increased.



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  • natalie hi, i am heading down the same road as yourself in some aspects like no pensions,but it is not to late to join any union who will make sure your rights are observed and the NHS dont walk all over you also they will keep you right in all legal matters, hope this helps i might be asking you for advice later on.

  • I agree it'd be better to join a union soon. Don't expect too much but they can give you support and it may make management a bit more careful


  • Hi mattcass,i think i will try acas if no joy will have to join a union asap as my meeting is 4th april,if i can help with anything just let me know,good luck.

  • This is the road I'm on too, except there's no alternative role and there's no job easier for me to do than mine so I'm not eligible for redeployment.

    One road you might be able to try with occupational health is if there's a possibility medication will be very effective for you, you can have 3 months off as a period of rehabilitation, after which you can take your old job up again. It's worth raising with your OH physician if you think this applies.

    Also, if you don't feel well when they want to call a meeting you can call the meeting off - it's part of the guidelines. You only have to attend the meeting if you're well enough, it might buy you some time.

  • OH have said im limited to what i can do i.e only work 16 hrs aweek and no typing just audio ,the mtx i've been taking it since last august and still no better plus other health issues that have started i just feel like giving up,my money stops 13th april so i really need to get into some kind of work its just that seem to be saying we will give you 10 weeks otherwise your gone,but have emailed the leader of our council as he works for the nhs and he is looking into it but i won't hold my breath,so it will be the newspaper next.


  • This is the policy that's been around for a little while, I couldn't believe it but while I was still working I looked into it and this is what's been agreed. Most people have no idea this is what happens.

    You don't have to limit yourself to working for the NHS, your experience is valuable for all sorts of areas even though you won't be doing the same work you have great understanding of any caring organisation, GP practices or private podiatry clinics. You also do not have to tell them about RA at the interview, you just need to know you can do the job.

    If you are dismissed on incapacity grounds they will give you payment for any holidays you haven't taken and a month's pay, not much but if you can get a job outside your organisation, rather than be redeployed, you'll get that.

  • Hi sailaway, I myself didn't know this but i have looked deeper into it as i was told to find a job that OH said i would be able to do but it's within a 10 week period, H ave been a bit naughty really as i found a job yesterday on our restricted jobs site ( wouldn't be anything i could do ) and so i called as its says for more info re the job spec and i asked this lady " well could you tell me please how long after the closing date would the interviews be held " i was told could be 4 weeks.

    So all in all you have a ten week period to find a job then say 5 weeks of that to see if you are given an interview if not then it's back to sqaure one, i can apply for multiple jobs but the specification of what i need the jobs are limited.

    I have been told by my HR that i won't get a job anywhere else as my sickness absence is to much for another company to take me on board don't know if this would be the case.


  • You could push more biologics. Another route as well as union would be to complain to mp or newspapers. Polly Toynbee is pretty good on this kind of issue

  • Hi cathie, I have sent an email to our leader of the council as he also works as a nurse for the nhs,he has asked me about my job role and where i work within the nhs,once i have a reply then depending on the outcome i shall be going to the newspaper,they can't justify someone becoming ill then saying they will find you a job only you have to find your own then giving you a 10 week period to do so.

  • IM Going similar way MY NHS rubbish as a health provider and an employer in my case.

    I should have been offered biologics about sixteen months ago , but no funding!!, now being considered , funding is a bit better , but it may be too late for my job??, 2nd biologic assessment march 27th!! have booked the week as leave, and this thurs, but have to struggle to work this fri in agony.

    I will temp reintroduce low steroid dose and max pain killers to achieve this. 2nd biologic blood test tom prior to nurse march 27th, bad drug prescribing has given me high blood pressure gold and steroids responsible?!! not helped by work stress AND BULLYING.

  • Its not fair is it you dont ask to be ill,if you dont mind me asking what is your job role,i do hope you get your meds sorted out,i want to work but there are restrictions on what i can do but there must be something i can i do,as for bullying that is awful you shouldn't have to put up with that,i wish you all the best in both work and your meds.


  • Pharmacy!!!

  • I'm wondering if there's material for a few case studies we could make available through NRAS to interested people. I remember Michael Meacher was collecting info on a slightly different but related topic. It's another aspect of the benefits issue isn't it, people being forced out of work in a difficult climate.

    I'm a bit sensitive to this as I feel I was pushed out of my research/ teaching role. Didn't lose much on sick leave but I used to work from 8.30-2.00 then go home, sleep, then back to computer by 4. I once refused to go to California in January for work because I'd have been knackered at the beginning of term. I did the work, but they never forgot. But I could choose my going and had a bit of a safety net. And the experience of a dear friend who had chronic depression for about 30 years so I could see her surviving.


  • Hi cathie, I think it does need someone to try explian why people who have a disability are forced out of work, i have said though i think it comes under the disability discrimination act, i'm waiting for a reply from the leader of my council and depending on the outcome of that i shall be taking this further if he doesn't come up with a goood enough reason.

    If at all i can find more info on who else to look into this then i will keep you informed.


  • Sorry for late reply. I also work for the NHS. I am now on a 6 month unpaid career break. Enoughsaid but I claim ESA based on paid employment contributions the NHS. I have been off work for 15months. Waiting to trial both TNF'S

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