Armitice day

Armitice day

Its 11.11.11 and hubby and i were at the docs.Hubby is allowed back at work next week, he will still have to take it easy,but i'm happy to report that he is on the mend.I have a virus,doc sounded my chest and told me rest as usual. The bad news is he won't refer me as he says that my knee is as good as its going to be. I have got to come to terms with it. If i see the consultant that did the knee all he will do is make knee stiff and i don't think i can cope with that. My ra is still flaring so i'm to continue to rest.

My hubby and duaghter were at the parade in bedworth for the armitice day. My Daughter carried the standard for nuneaton and stockingford. She looked really good and i'm proud of both of them. It was filmed by midlands today and will be on the 6.30 news tonight.If i can do it i will put a photo up,think i've done. Have a lovely afternoon.

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  • Hi Sylvi, really good news about your hubby. You must be pleased although he still has to take it easy for a while longer. There's an awful lot of funny bugs around at the moment so take it easy and rest as much as you can.

    Perhaps try some cold packs on the knee? Will help to reduce any swelling and inflammation you may have.

    Lovely photo of your daughter and hubby. Not surprised you are so proud of her.

    My shoulder has eased up a bit today - took a nurofen going to bed last night which helped. Think it was down to having to use my stick for a couple of days as a bit wobbly. Curse this disease! LavendarLady x

  • Lovely pic sylvi, sorry to hear about your virus but good news about your hubby. I am in work today and we observed a two minute silence at 11am. Still can't believe the phones were still ringing but that's the public for you! Hope you feel better soon take care. Tricia x

  • lovely pic you must be very proud x

  • we had a two minute slience at work. in our dept x

  • great photo Sylvie hope you had a good day

  • It was very B""""y cold,my fingers were burning after taking the photos of them and the parade. I came back after taking the pics and came home on my scooter. First thing i did was put the heating on so that when they came home cold the house was warm. My two have a busy weekend ahead. They have a parade tomorrow morning,tomorrow night we are going to a proms night where grace is bearing the standard and then they are in nuneaton on sunday morning for rememberance day.


  • Nice picture of your family, Sylvie. Hubby appears to be pretty healthy! Good to make him take it easy. Most men tend to think they are superman and can't be sick in any way!

    You don't need a virus. However, you know our meds tend to lower our immune system, so we are more susceptible. Forgive any misspelling, it's 1:30 am and I've been telling myself I have to be out of my mind to still be posting, but I was really busy all day, scattered with a few disasters in the kitchen :) Mercy!

    I thought to come in here and write a blog, but didn't know how to start one, I've just been commenting on others' Won't be writing my journal until morning. OOps, it IS morning! Oh my wordie, now Miss Bridget, just woke up and is yelling at me to get to bed. She sleeps beside my head and I need to be there :) She's a cat, incase I haven't mentioned that yet. She has a light green satin pillowcase, with a tiny pillow inside, that is her sleeping bag. Yeah, she lays her head on the pillow! I gotta go, I'm getting goofey! Have a great day, til we meet again. Loret

  • Loret i don't have a cat as such,my neighbours have one and he is lovely,we look after him when they are away and he thinks nothing of coming in here and demanding food. He is not a young cat,but we love him as much as our friends do. The cat gets in two places in our house, on one of our chairs in the lounge and graces bed,no one elses bed will do,they are so funny aren't they.

    I'm up early too as i've had another bad night. I'm so fed up of this. Look forward to what you will blog later,I won't be going far this morning so it will be something to look forward too. Sylvia. xx

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