You won't believe this,day two

Its been none stop here,This morning my good friend took me to do some shopping at tesco,got back and then i had to shoot over to bedworth in my scooter to get my tablets as i had run out of one of them. Now i am bathed dressed and looking nice for my hubby. My hubby Is staying in hospital over the weekend as they want to do more tests so that he can be treated better. I rang the hospital this morning to see how he was and he was standing by the nurses station and let me speak to me. He sounded a lot brighter and i think thats do to the fact that he knows whats wrong.

Well lovely people i will keep this short as i'm off to the hospital. Will update later.

Thanks to everyone who asked about him and me it is very thoughtful.


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  • Hi Sylvi, glad to see hubby is feeling better. Hope you are too and not quite so worried about him. As I said before, you must make sure you get plenty of rest as well. I know what worry can do - and the last thing you need is a flare up with all the anxiety. Have a good visit with him today and over the weekend and look forward to him coming home. Love lavendarLady x

  • I already am having a flare as i saw the nurse while i was down there with hubby. It has started to change,i've got to stay on steroids at 3 for another week,i'm to have another blood test to check my thyroid,i've also got to see the ot about my hands. Hubby is looking better today when we got there. He will be in hospital until monday at least. Then he has to go and have the camera put up and down to see how infection is still there. He will be coming out with more antibiotics i believe.

    I am resting until i go to see him tonight. Thanks for your thoughts. love sylvia, xx

  • Do take things as easy as you can Sylvi - emotional stress does take it's toll and you must have been very worried about your husband. If you are already flaring then you need to let other people help you as much as possible and rest between visiting times:-}

    I hope that things go smoothly over the weekend and that he is soon home with you again - I know how much of a support he is to you on a daily basis.

    Cece x

  • Thank cece,i;ve been down twice today and i am exhausted,so i'm getting told off from his highness.tomorrow we have big day . We have nuneatons poppy launch launch and then we have to do the shopping and grace is brining the shopping home and i'm going down the hospital. Grace will do tea and then get ready as she has a party to go to,but before that she will go and see her dad,then i will stay home and rest. I probally just go to bed. Hopefully he'll be out monday then i can relax.

    Thanks for asking how i am.


  • Take care look after yourself and best wishes for hubby too. pleased he is a bit better x

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