Pain pain go away

Here we go again, pain in my knee. I went down the hospital yesterday to get some bloods done. We took my scooter and i drove from the hospital door to the path lab and i sat on it until it was time for me to go in,and then back to the car. By the the time we got home my knee was giving me hell so much i had to tell hubby to slow down. I got to sleep easy enough,but it didn't last. I couldn't get comfy it didn't matter where i got,so at 3.30 i gave up and came downstairs. Hubby had to get up at 4.30 to go to work. When he got up i had a good howl and he got the peas out and put them on my knee and covered me up and we both hope that i get some sleep. I was supposed to go to stratford-upon-avon on saturday for a parade,which my daughter is taking the standard. I made the decision not to go as it will worry hubby too much when he is marching. I don't think i'm ready for that yet. I want to be well for our holiday at the end of next week. I want to be able to get about with my scooter, so i will just rest until then.

Hope you are all painfree when you all get up.xx

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  • Good place to ride your scooter I suppose...

    If you hit anybody A&E is only yards away!

  • Pete i love you,you can always bring a smile to my face.xx

  • Calm it on the "luv" bit lol

  • Ha ha, can't take a compliment,your great pete, you can be sure to make me smile. How about that is that better. xx

  • Horrible being in pain isn't it Sylvi? Poor you I hope you have a better day today. Tilda x

  • Hi Sylvi, I am so sorry to hear you've had a really rotten night, and am hoping that by the time I am writing this you will be fast asleep. I am around early for me , this morning, as I'm off the sort out my drugs and for some weird reason, I' m dreading it, anyway heyho. How miserable to be missing the procession, but I suppose looking on the serious side, it might have been too much for you, especially, if you are left on your own. If you do stay at home, it looks like a nice day, so put that knee up in the garden and try to relax. Thinking of you .jennyxxxxxx

  • Hi Tilda,

    How are you today, hope your pain is under control again.


  • Really stiff and slow and out of sorts today thanks Jenny - I've just posted a question explaining why. Hope the sorting out of your drugs is better than you are expecting. TTx

  • Hi Tilda, just got home, and walking like a Neanderthal! Still productive appointment, and hopefully, new medication will kick in. Unfortunately I only have the title of your question, as the page does not load! I gather you have a painful but not swollen ankle, could it be a bit of overuse! I do hope the pain settles, let me know how you get on.


  • Hi Jenny - I'll pm you so as not to hijack Sylvi's blog. TTx

  • tilda it doesn't bother me one bit.xx

  • Bless you Sylvi - but it bothers me. And hey don't say pain pain go away because we know how that one ends and best if it doesn't come another day either really?!

    Hope you are having a better day with that knee at any rate?

    My physio was wonderwoman and calmed me right down today when I had an apt. She told me I should trust the rheumy physio and my consultant to know that a series of high-ish ESR readings will mean that all is not 100% right and I've to stop fretting about sore ankle - it's tendonitis and it's the soft tissue that's inflamed and painful which wouldn't be gnawing away at my ankle joints anyway. And I've had my dose of MTX raised so that should help so I've got over my fury of the morning and feel a bit of a twat for getting so steamed up about it now! Thank heavens for my physio - she's the voice of reason for me!

    I bet when you get back onto DMARDs things are better for you Sylvi - not instantly but something to focus on for the time being while you knee mends slowly but surely. TTx

  • Tilda it always takes someone with the voice of reason to calm us down. If you din't get het up at times nothing would get done. I have done nothing today except talk on skype to fellow sufferers like us,and it has cheered me up no end. Glad your feeling more hopeful. xxx

  • That sounds good Sylvi - skype has it's uses although after my telemed consultation I'm a bit off it at the moment! My OH thinks I'm too full on about RA and I've got to just stop thinking about it so much or I'll drive all my friends and family away. I'm sure he's right although they seem to be quite full on about their own problems to me and don't seem the slightest bit put off to be honest But maybe he's actually trying to tell me that I'm not thinking enough about him or the kids or our work - which is probably true! But I guess eventually I'll get used to the ups and downs and all the meds etc. Sorry I'm not having that good a day myself today - very stiff and my wrists and hands are really sore for the first time in ages - blah ain't it? x

  • Tilda, don't be sorry your having a bad day,we all have them.Sadly it the ra that rules us when we are bad. You do whats best for you first then your family. If your friends come to with their problems why can't you go to them to share yours. Thats why we are here as we understand what each of us are going through,so tilda share all you like.xx

  • Thanks Sylvi ;-)

  • Morning all,i have had some sleep since i wrote my blog. I don't know how my leg is yet as i haven't moved yet. Thanks all for your thoughts.xx

  • Hi Sylvi,

    Glad you have had a sleep. It's a bugger when you are in pain and very, very tired also isn't it? Everything is 100x worse.

    Keep resting for your holiday.

    Haha Just realised how funny that must sound to a non RA. 'Need to rest before holiday', most people use holiday to rest.



  • Judy, another lady who has made me smile this morning. Its lovely when we can laugh isn't it. xxx

  • Hope you are feeling a bit better now Sylvi after getting some sleep.

    Maybe you can have a nap later to catch up a bit.


  • Hope you get more relief today hun, take it easy and remember it's one less day till ur holiday xxxx

  • Thank you ladies, i will try and have a sleep later on,holiday now that is what i'm looking forward to. Only problem is i don't have a tele-porter so i can say i'm ready and it whizzes me there straight away without the drive down there. xxxx

  • Sylvia oh dear!,

    Im off work with joint pain today, i may have overdone things at the gym!?. every joint hurt in bed, hands,knees, feet , hips, very little sleep!,though at gym I felt ok at the time, got to know my limitations!

    I am meant to be going to Stratford on sat on day trip with my mum resting now( did a bit of housework!) I keep pushing myself I should no better! as If I arent well enough to go back to work tomorrow I wont be going to Stratford.

    I saw my consultant wed and she thought I might be having a bit of a flare so it could be that, I also got upset yesterday as a friend txted to say they had lost their house and hand to move back with their parents, emotional upset can trigger a flare to be worse .

  • Summer is that stratford upon avon. I was supposed to there as grace and hubby have a parade there for british legion. I'm not going now as i think it will be too much for me. I am so sorry that your suffering,it is so unlike you. I do hope the rest that you have to have will work wonders. Your the most optomistic lady on here. We all want to things when we feel well and we always pay for it later though.

    Summeer you take care. xxxx

  • Hi yes Stratford on Avon.. would have been nice to meet x

  • I think it will be rainng thats one of the reasons i'm not going. My grace will be marching with her standard and i would love to go and see her. I haven't been to a parade for such a long time. Is there a special reason your going to stratford or is it just a trip for you and your mum.xx

  • I know it feels like you did very little but just the process of getting in and out of the car on and off scooter, sitting with your knee at a bent angle is enough to to upset the joint. Don't dispare Sylvi you are getting there it's just frustrating isn't it :(

    I agree it's hilarious when we talk about testing before our holiday, a friend of mine wanted me to go away with her for a few days, I said no as I needed to rest before my holiday, a few days later . Ha ha . Take care

  • You make me smile,i love your little faces, xxx

  • Sylvia, I'm really sorry to go off on a tangent, I'm still not all that familiar with how to use the forum, but learning. Hope your knee has settled, I had a really good conflab with my consultant and feel happy to be OFF abatacept, and back to the old NSAIDs, and trying something called Azathioprine, I've never heard of it, but I am ever the optimist! Hope the parade went well for your daughter & hubby. Jennyxx

  • Its at stratford on avon on saturday. Don't worry about it, thats what we do on here so don't say sorry, i am happy that you can talk about things. When you have a conversation with someone that always happens doesn't it and we are having a conflab through the computer. Problem solved. Hope the new drug works for you. xxxxx

  • think you made the wise decision sylvie not to go to the parade, you are still in very early days after your operation. I do hope taking it easy before the holiday will pay off and you have a wonderful time

  • Mads i have just been to asda with hubby and grace. Their scooters are great and they have plenty of room for my leg to stretch out,but Mads i feel like i have run a marathon. I am dreading the drive down to cornwall i really am. I don''t know how i'm going to cope. I panic now if we go over the humps so what i'll be like going that far god only knows. I'm sure i will manage as hubbys very careful with me when we go out. Its just the thought of it that scares me. you feeling ok? xx

  • Nothing gets us down more than pain. Have been very sore this past few days. The rain and cold gets to me, cannot stick the cold and if i am sore my daughter says must be rain coming mum. I have hairdryer sitting st my feet i use it if iam sore as the ice only makes it worse. After banging my shoulder i have lost the use of muscle in my right shoulder really getting me down so much Dr has put me on anti depressents . Am really sick of pain Am not very good at tryimg to cheer you up am sorry.

    Will go and make myself cup of tea. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I'm on antidepressants so don't worry about it. Think in just over a weeks time we will be down there and we can meet and have a good old natter. xxxx

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